One of my favorite things is doing Cardio for a workout! You burn calories & sweat out more calories that’s always a good thing.

What makes your workout easier? I love to workout in the morning with taking a eshot  helps me get through my workout. After my workout I can’t wait to have my shake so good so many different recipes too. Read more about our products below.

With out the help of our great products I wouldn’t be able to do what I do! I’m so thankful everyday knowing what I’m putting in my body is the best nutrition.

A lot of people have questions and there are some misconceptions about our products.

  1. You eat REAL FOOD on the program and generally lots of it.

One of the ideas of the program is to flood your body with nutrition it’s not currently getting-2 shakes a day is an ADDITIVE to your regular clean whole food diet.

Some people even need to eat 5-6 meals per day and 2-3 of these meals are the shakes. There aren’t huge restrictions on what you’re able to eat but you will crave healthier foods and drinks!

2. Unlike so many other programs out there, ours resets your cravings and teaches you how to make healthy choices-AND it almost eliminates cravings for junk, especially unhealthy processed carbs and sugar.

3. The program is scientifically validated by clinical studies (including data points like people lose 2x the visceral fat than on a heart healthy diet) and by an enormous number of doctors and nutritionists in the company and also an impressive Scientific Advisory Board.

4. This program is not exclusively for “weight loss” but if your body would function optimally at a lower weight, it will get you there. Many people on our team are looking for more energy and sleep, better performance, more lean muscle, healthy aging and overall optimal health.

5. The products are delicious and filling with no GMO’s, no artificial colors or dyes, no soy and they’re gluten-free.

6. You should not be hungry. if you are physiologically hungry, you will increase your calories so your results will not be impeded.

7. The results are LASTING. If you decide to do this you will have a schedule its that easy.

8. We’re NOT expensive compared to what we spend on things now. It is a program that can transform how you look and feel with money back guarantee. You deserve that 100%

9. Yes, you can still indulge. People are blown away that they go on vacations where they indulge, party away the weekend, make a few bad decisions and they don’t see a huge rebound. In fact, they’re able to get right back on track.



So early in the morning I get up and I think as I drink my coffee about my morning about what workout I will do. I do a workout almost everyday! 

So I go into my workout area I do a hard workout and you know when you bend over you don’t know are you going to get sick or just keep pushing? I keep pushing if you do feel like you’re going to throw up stop breath and go at it again. I love working out it makes me feel younger, better ready for the day.  What is your favorite workout? I love cardio, but I also like lifting. 

I love having my eshot & amped power before my workout to give me extra energy and power through any workout. 

After a hard workout I’m ready for the best nutrition I can put in my body my shakes today was Pina colada  I hope they come out with that flavor again so good. 

I love healthy and I love talking to people that want to get into shape and eat better. 

Have a Happy Friday! 


Having a plan is always a great place to start. Are you working out? I follow a schedule so I can workout with cardio & weights right now I’m working out with the Hammer from Hammer & Chisel he is awesome!

How about your menu plan? I make sure to always have menu plans I love my protein recipes I made a head Protein muffins they are so delicious plus when you make your own you know all the ingredients going in.

I started Isagenix over a year ago I can’t believe how I thought I would just try it out and that is it. I love how it gives me more energy, better endurance, muscle growth and so much more.

Isagenix is not a diet, even though it is very effective for weight loss.

Isagenix is all about bringing the body into BALANCE. It is designed to FEED the body what it needs to be STRONG-LEAN-HEALTHY for life.





I just love our shakes & lemon lime hydrate you can make so many different things with them.

So what exactly do IsaLean® PRO Shake and the AMPED™ Performance line have in common?
A lot more than you may think!
These powerful products work together to support your health goals, making it simple and convenient to fuel your weight loss and performance goals. Formulated with fitness in mind, both IsaLean PRO Shake and AMPED Performance products were designed to be taken alongside one another, in an effort to maximize results and benefits.
Whether for performance, endurance, training, conditioning, or physical maintenance, athletes of varying levels have expressed success while incorporating these products into their daily workout routines.





Well I’ve have finished up my 2nd Isabody challenge and I keep thinking that’s it! But the way I feel at 53 is amazing and I love how when you do the challenge you buy the right products and you get in the best shape and feel amazing I don’t want it to ever stop.

Having control of your body is a great feeling. I’ve only been with Isagenix for a little over a year I have not got bored or tired of any of the products maybe because they are so satisfying  and love what I see when I look in the mirror..

I have noticed there are so many other products out there some similar to ours but I won’t change I changed from beachbody to Isagenix that was a big step for me. But I’ve never been sorry. Don’t get me wrong I still like doing beachbody workouts.

When you are age 53 you look around a lot to see how other women your age or younger are looking and don’t think it’s easy for me because its not but wants you get where you want to be you don’t want to quit.

If you are tired of struggling and yo-yo dieting then its time to change what you’re doing.

I’d love to help you get started we have so many different programs its not just about losing the fat, you might need to put on muscle. Message me get started today!

What Happens When You Put On 10 Pounds- Dr. AXE

With an alarming obesity rate the affects well more than one-third of U.S. adults, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), we’re all familiar with the dangers of obesity. (1) Large weight gain is associated with an increased risk for almost all major chronic diseases, along with an increased mortality rate. But…

via 10-Pound Weight Gain: What Happens When You Put on 10 Pounds (It’s Not Good) — Dr. Axe


Today is a busy day have a lot going on so I got up early got my 30 minute hard workout in & decided I would have some of favorite pancakes.

I love having my protein everyday. But I like to mix it up once in awhile so I made pancakes with my Chocolate protein shake.  

Here is the recipe:

Chunky Monkey
Protein Pancakes
(Serves 1-2)
Ingredients • 2 scoops chocolate protein powder • 2 T Bob’s Red Mill Pancake Flour
(or other gluten-free flour)
• 2 T ground chia seeds • 1⁄2 tsp baking powder • 2 eggs, lightly beaten • 1 banana, mashed • 4 T almond milk
Directions • In a mixing bowl, combine all dry ingredients
together with a whisk.
• In a separate bowl, combine the egg, banana and
almond milk.
• Gently pour the wet ingredients into the dry
ingredients while mixing with a rubber spatula
until just combined. Do not over-mix.
• Heat a large skillet over medium heat, and coat
with cooking spray. Pour
1⁄4-cup rounds of batter
onto the skillet, and cook until bubbles appear on
the surface, about 3 minutes. Flip with a spatula,
and cook for another 2-3 minutes



Once you see Results, it becomes an Addiction.

It’s Monday and I never felt better on the best products I have ever had.  Some people say oh I don’t think I can do that. I crave our shakes I always think about I’m going to make something else nope I make the shake and forget that I was even thinking about making something else. If I would make something else it would be a recipe that would have our shake in them..:)  When I get up in the mornings I think about my day I think about what workout are you going to do today? Well I go by a schedule I’m doing a hybrid which sometimes I like to go off of it thinking I know better than the schedule. This time I’m gong by the rules. I don’t care for the workout I did today but I did it and abs done!

First thing I do is take my e-shot & amped nox walk in to my workout area and get my workout done! I feel I can go longer and better now that I know what to take. I also feel as I get older having these products help with strength, muscles, & balance.

After my workout I have my shake click on shake for more information.  One thing I love about our program is how you fill up so fast taking the shakes. Also I can walk into any store and not even crave any junk food how great is that? I love not wanting junk food.

Isagenix is about eating clean, healthy protein, non-GMO, healthy protein and complex carbs with a high quantity of vegetables and fruits. We have shakes, bars, juice based products, vitamins & much more.

If you are starting the 30 day we have great shake & cleanse schedules so you know what to take every hour. I love this lifestyle.


I love being on this program for the simple fact that I’m not on a diet.  I’ve tried so many other programs where you feel like you are starving all the time and worn out, not energy to do things.

Well I decided to try this program and see what it was like I figured it would be just like all the rest. But it wasn’t I was feeling more energy right away and feeling that my muscle growth was growing and I was feeling like working out more, feeling like getting more done. I’m 53 and to feel strong and keep moving all day I know it’s the products I’m on. Don’t let age define you. Our program is like no other one I have ever been on.  Contact me so I can get you started on the right program today!

Here are the reasons WHY nutritional rebalancing & cellular cleansing with our products are so important:

1. Only detox program that removes up to 46% of the deadly toxins in your body.

2. Only detox that helps clean your blood but also allows your body to purge toxins from your fat cells. These are where the dangerous ones are.

3. It is NOT a diet or just some protein shake, it is a complete health transformation program.

4. Fixes vitamin and mineral deficiencies by flooding the body with nutrition.

5. One bowl of spinach 30 years ago, you would have to eat 43 bowls today to get the same nutrition. This is true for all our food.

6. By the age of 5 you have half the toxins that will be with you your entire life. Many your body will never be able to remove.

7. Each shake is like sitting down and having 30 fruits and vegetables. Power packed with over 242 different nutrients.

8. Your own body will purge the low quality cells in your body that were built with poor nutrition. It will build strong healthy cells to replace the poor quality cells.

9. Probably the most misunderstood program due to being grouped and compared to diet companies or protein shake companies. They post information without knowing or researching the program themselves. They micro analyze every single ingredient to ensure every shake you drink is free from any toxin.

10. There is not one shake company that even compares to the quality and nutrition of our cleanse.
Isagenix micro analyzes every single ingredient to ensure every shake you drink is free from any hint of herbicide, pesticide, fungicide, microbe, mycotoxin or heavy metal as well as to test for purity and strength. This extra testing costs over 4 million dollars per year. NO OTHER SHAKE COMPANY DOES THIS!

11. Only shake company with Ionic Alfalfa which helps in the delivery of the minerals on a cellular level.

13. The perfect branch chain amino acid profile in our shakes is a precursor to happy brain chemicals.


This is so important to read what is going into your body?


America’s No. 1 favorite comfort food is testing positive for some disturbing ingredients, and you won’t find them on the label. New testing confirms that chemicals in mac and cheese include a variety of phthalates, chemicals that disrupt the body’s normal hormonal function. Some are even linked to certain cancers. But is it time to panic…

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