Legs & Booty Are On FIRE:)

So yesterday was Lower body..Mainly leg & booty don’t matter how many times I work out it burns every time..:)

So here is the workout you can go to youtube and just see some of the moves.

Have a great day!

Quick warm-up

2 Rounds Each & Hold

1st Round

Weighted Squats

Front Lunges

2nd Round Single Leg Squats

Side Lunges

3rd Round

Weighted Sumos Curtsies

Bonus: Blue loop 30 seconds each leg

Leg & Booty WORKOUT


So I did shoulders yesterday. It was a crazy day and just now getting this up.:) I thought everything was going pretty good did not realize my husband came in turned on the spot light behind me to turn up the heat. Not blaming him I should have been paying more attention.

So I made the video where I sound like a chipmunk. Also I was messing again with my video there might be music and it might be loud? The main thing is guys don’t get discouraged just keep going and stay active. Take care of yourselves.

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I’ve been working with weights and got ideas from Joel Freeman

Do each Block 3 times through

I used 10’s, 8’s, & 6’s

1st Block 3 times through

Overhead Press, Upright Row, Plyo Move

2nd Block 3 times through

Front Raise, Side Raise, No jump burpee 30 seconds

3 block 3 times through

Y Raise, Shoulder Fly, Plyo Lunges

Core- 3 times through 30 seconds each

Flutter kicks, Reaching situps or crunches

Then I did a short step workout.

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Just another manic Monday

Today was a struggle so I had some help from Joel Freeman from Lift4. I’m trying to do Cardio & weights see if what that’s like. So far I’m liking it. I also did some of the step for booty afterward. Sorry about the video mess ups. Something was not going well. I definitely needed a hand today.

Had a great Sunday and never ready for Monday Right? Right but as every week goes Monday starts the beginning of a new workout week. 🙂 My passion is working out because that is something I’m good at.

But the workout today is basically Back/Biceps

4 Exercises 3 times

1st Block

Wide Row

Wide Curl

Regular Row

Hammer Curls

2nd Block


Top Curl 1/2 down

Reverse Flys

Bottom Curls

Burn Out

Lift Chest

Regular Bicep Curls Full Extensions

Core Moves

Alternate leg twist

Plank Hold

At the end of the video wasn’t suppose to be added but I did a short booty workout on the step.

Sometimes You Just Have One Of Those Days.

I’m still in the mood to workout. But sometimes I don’t feel like talking all the way through. Getting closer to the holidays. I feel sometimes my husband and I are the only ones for miles. Yes we have the ones that have to drive by to check pastures and so on. But missing my family as I’m sure everyone that can’t see there’s feel the same way.

After talking to our accountant yesterday hearing that she can’t even talk to her mom that is in a home because her mom has Dementia. At my mom can still talk to me on the phone and I’m Thankful for that.

Hopefully soon will be able to talk to my family in person. I look forward to that.

So if you want to follow along today that is great! I’m just trying to stay active as I have been eating more.

2 Times Through Each Workout

Of Course always warm-up first, 🙂

Squat Tap for 60 Seconds

Figure 4 Crunches 30 seconds each side

Sumo hit jumps 60 seconds

Accordion Crunch 60 Seconds

Squat Hold for 60 seconds

C Curb with twist 60 seconds

Front lunge with lift 30 seconds each side

3 way crunch with weight (I used 6’s)

Single leg bridge with weight. 30 seconds each side

Stretch at the end & do a cool down. 🙂

Home Workout Fun

It’s Monday & I Got Dizzy

Working out is my therapy. It just makes me feel better. But sometimes when I get up to fast I get dizzy. But I made it through another great workout.

Hope you enjoy this. I just do a little of everything. There’s something about after I do a workout I can work around the house all day.

Warm-Up first just make sure your legs and everything are warmed up Round 1- 2 times through everything Squat & press with the weight I used a 6 Football runs in place Round 2 2 times through again Hold 1 weight sink move leg in circle for 60 seconds (I used a 10) Hold both weights with a slider do 2 pulses back Round 3 2 times through Lunge row curl row one time then 2 times with a knee up Grab a loop yellow, green or blue and do a twist Round 4 2 times through Sumo Squats for 30 seconds then jump for 30 seconds Take the loop under foot and do a hip lunge Bonus Chest press with leg drops Tricep kick backs in plank ( I went on my knees.)


So I got the step out again. I really feel it even if it is only like for 20 minutes. I’ll continue to do other workouts too! But this is something different. I feel it works the arms, legs & core plus I’m getting my cardio in.

I’m no professional just got keep moving or we will all end up stiff & not good. Don’t be a couch potato.lol You can move slower you don’t need to move fast & you can do some of a workout and each day maybe go a little further.

Working out truly motivates me it takes my mind off of all the bad going on. It relieves the stress. I truly believe it is the best therapy for me. I don’t like to watch TV all day that is just a waste of the day. Actually the tv usually don’t come on till my husband comes in at night. I will listen to music sometimes or health videos. I’m all about what can make the body feel better.:) I love reading about healthy lifestyles. I like listening to certain doctors that are eating the way I Am.

For now to get me through everyday until I can’t I’m going to keep working out. I feel like it helps in so many ways. Have a Happy Saturday!


One thing to do a leg day but I thought I had to go one step further and do a step workout too!

It’s all fun as you notice on the step workout I was fast and then slow in a lot of places. I like doing the step workout it’s just a lot of cardio.

Its alright I’ve ate back what I burned in calories today..:)

So I start off with doing a lower workout checkout:

Warm-UP first for 10 minutes

Then 2 rounds of each exercise:

Weights at your side go for 60 seconds then hold for 10 seconds then jump for 10

Forward lunge 30 seconds then hold for 10 seconds then kick for 10

Then back to the top go through that again

Round 2

Single leg squat 30 seconds each side do the the hold and jump

Side lunges 30 seconds the hold and pull leg up do other side for 30 seconds

Back to single leg squat

Side lunges

Round 3

Sumo Squats- 30 seconds then hold for 10 and jump for 10

Weighted curtsies each side for 30 seconds hold and jump

Bonus with the loop;

Try to follow along on the video it explains it better:

Get Your Board Out Lets Have Fun!

So today I did Pilates and I struggle a little on it so I didn’t video it. Took some pictures though. After Pilates today I decided to keep going and get my board out man do I feel it in the back of my legs.

I did video workout on the board but I didn’t talk on it. Just have fun moving and burning calories. Every little bit helps.

Working out along with healthy eating works best for me. I have to watch what I eat. My husband on the other hand don’t have to he can eat, & eat and still stay the same. Some people are lucky like that. Or are they? Have to wonder when people can eat whatever they want and not gain how hard is that on them? Is that clogging your veins when you can eat sugar, and bags of chips? I’m just curious about that.

Eating healthy you’d think would get boring but it don’t when you can feel your abs every morning going oh ya..:) I have worked hard for that.

At age 56 I’m glad to know that my arms are solid & everything feels tight. But I definitely work hard at it. Just have to keep moving.


Music, Fun, & Workout

Just having some fun with some music today. I was breathing hard so the music covers that up..;) Don’t judge..lol…

I can’t believe after all the years of working out some of these still get to me.

This workout today work the entire body…Had fun with it follow along.

Each Round you do 2 times @60 seconds each.

Round 1

Curtsy half moons both sides 60 seconds


Round 2

Plank to pushup to rotate with a weight (hold everything in)

Side lung sword pull

Round 3

Tricep Kickbacks

Front lunge to curl


Attempted to do Plank to a crunch with weight. That is something I really need to work on. But hey I’m not an expert..:)

Upper & Lower Body

Staying Positive? Do A Workout With Me..:)

Staying positive these days is not easy. But remember you need to stay strong for your family. The hardest thing right now is not getting to see my mom. Her spirits are good and she is in a very good place. I love she has a big window and we talk on the phone. I’m glad to be this close where I can check on her. She truly is in a good place where she gets food, sees people not alone.

My husband can’t sit still for long without going stir crazy so he keeps busy with new projects. We went walking yesterday for about a mile in a half. The more you can keep busy the better the day goes. After our walk yesterday we came back to the house and Kip cleaned out the hot tub then filled it while he did that I cleaned the kitchen. Sundays are and have been out day off so we don’t do to much on Sundays. I did watch to online sermons.

For now we deal with what we have to and if it means facetime, zoom, whatever lets just do it. Keep praying things will get better, keep your faith.

Today there is no sun but I’m not going to let that bother me. Keep going and one day hopefully soon we will slowly get back to our normal.

Today I did upper body workout. I have been down as I’m sure a lot are but I just wanted music and my workout.

Warm up

2 times through

Round 1 Push-Ups with a leg lift for 30 seconds then a Plank hold for 30 seconds

Narrow Row with a lung Heavy weights 30 seconds then light 30 seconds

Go up to glute bridge with chest flys 30 seconds heavy & 30 seconds light

Single arm hold with band for 60 seconds

Round 2

Military press heavy 30 seconds & light 30 seconds

Twisted Abs 60 seconds with 1 leg lift

Post delt fly with band for 60 seconds

Down dog single leg with twist 30 seconds each side

Round 3 Full Curls for heavy for 30 seconds then lift leg for balance with light 30 seconds

Skull crushers heavy 30 seconds & light 30 seconds

Hammer curls on knees 30 seconds with heavy & 30 seconds with light Tricep kickback with a twist heavy 30 seconds & light 30 seconds ( I ended up sticking with lighter at the end.)

We can all get through this. Stay Strong!

Upper Body