So today I ran a 3K on my Nordic Track because I knew I’d be running around a bunch today back and forth to our camper getting it ready to go. I started running when I started following a good friend she is so inspiring. She started running 5ks and 10ks up to marathons now she is running 40-50 miles in the mountains. She inspires me granted her view is a lot better than Anyhow I have decided to start running along with doing a workout as many days as I can granted I don’t get any injuries. My husband has always had sore joints and I always didn’t well as I get older my lower back if I don’t lift just right or hold things in just right it can be painful. 

Running has actually help me more with my balance and warming up all my muscles really good before a hard workout. I’ve notice I don’t hurt near as bad. 

I’ve been working out for over 10 years seriously and studying all the rights, the wrongs the to dos the not to dos. Well I know there is always room for improvement. I have taken I don’t know how many classes on exercising what to eat and I feel I have along ways to go sometimes. I’m definitely ready to take more health coach classes and learn more about the body. That is so interesting to me. And in life as I get older these young ones I try to tell how to do something they say well I’m not going to eat that way for the rest of my well alright just remember it’s a LIFESTYLE. It is the way I choose to stay strong and active by taking care of my body the best way I know how.  I’m 54 not getting any younger but I want to feel younger so I put good things into my body and exercise. Your lifestyle is completely up to you rather you want to take care of it or not. I want to keep feeling confident, sexy and have the body I’ve always wanted. Yes I’m selfish but my husband loves me more than ever and he would no matter what. But I love to be confident in my body.


Some of my leg workouts today


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It such an addiction  when you know you have a schedule and you know you need to get this workout in. No matter how tired I am I feel I’m off balance if I don’t get one in I didn’t think I’d get one in yesterday being in the field having places to go but I did it. I love doing these workouts and laughing out loud at myself and ones on Autumns team.

Today was Day 24 Round  2 SETS • 15 REPS where you work your arms, abs, and @$$ are focus of Autumn’s “Triple A” workout, which use weights, resistance loops, and strength slides to build muscle and burn fat that covers it.

This Round 2 I seem to be more serious about staying in the right position and keeping your tummy pulled in at all times helps pull things the right direction.

Finally getting the Uprights more level not trying to pull up to far. I used 10’s since we had 15 reps and 2 sets.


Bent over flys I’m still using 6 & 8’s getting the right position is a plus.

Frogs were with the sliders doing 2 sets of those stay in plank hold your abs in tight stay level not sicking the rear up. I was so focused on doing my workouts I forgot to take pictures of some of might workouts. But next was Loop bridge I double loop with Green & blue

Push-Ups actually went pretty good today doing 15 and 2 sets of them. Oh those push-ups though I remember now in this 80 Day she has a lot of pushups


Skull crushers were next I used 10’s on these which I think I could have used 15’s but I stuck with 10’s feeling it in the arms.



Weighted abs I used 8’s  on both sets holding it at the chest going clear down using the abs more so you don’t use your hip flexors.

Heal press is next using double loops feeling it in your legs and behind you’re doing this correct.


Bent over Rows I used 15’s for both sets and trying to use between the shoulders more.


Hammer curls by now my arms are starting to get tired so I used 10’s feeling it in the arms squeezing each rep.


Knee Tucks using the sliders pulling in and squeezing the abs at the same time. 15 reps 2 sets of them.


Fire Hydrants using double loops working the sides of your behind going up as high as you can your butt ought to be on fire after this workout.


One thing I say this a lot but I always look forward to having some of the best nutrition to put back into my body. My shakes do that plus I used my greens today too. Mix it up have pina colada one day cookies & cream the next yum so good. Plus they are a meal replacement keeping you full to your next meal.


Health is the foundation for a magnificent life. Health exist physically, emotionally, mentally, financially, and spiritually.



Yesterday was Day 19 Leg Day which I enjoy not only working the Legs but working your behind too. Your working the biggest muscles lifting heavier weights as well.

So on the leg workout you do 3 sets 10 reps of every workout the workout last around 51 minutes or a little more. Just thinking about working out you have to get your mind set and know that wants its over you’ll feel better. I love the feeling working out does for me as you get older you want everything tighter not looser.


So yes anyone can workout but it’s what you do after that. Working out makes you hungry do you have a food plan?  Are you prepping? Think about all the hard work you put in before you walk in that kitchen. It’s hard even for me I still say the easiest way to stay away from junk food is don’t buy don’t have that temptation in your cupboards.

Its summer time everyone wants to look better to wear that pair of shorts, skirt, or dress.

I tried to come up with a eating plan having my smart coffee first thing in the morning then going and doing my workout which today will be Cardio Flow its not quite as long as some of my other workouts. So I decide I’ll run on treadmill for a change up in my routing do like a 5k then go workout. I”m not much into running wish I was but I go through different splurts where working out and running go good together to keep me fit.  Change it up they always say so ya that’s what I’m doing I just plan on running longer every time. So today for Cardio Flow some others as well as me call this the animal workout. In my first picture is spider,next Flamingo, Duck Walk, gorillas, bear crawl, diamond jumps, crab, & ,mule to Frog. Still a great workout you keep repeating till you get through every workout 4 reps around 30 minutes. Change the way you look at things get your mindset. You go this! And of course last but not least I had my delicious protein shake fueling the body with the best nutritions.


Lung Busting Workout

Today was Cardio Core that made me sweat which is always a good thing burning the fat.

Going from low to high intensity cardio exercises. Then you get challenging core moves to enhance endurance, burning fat and sculpting the abs. Want to stop your almost out of air but push through for the best results.

So far I’m loving round 2 better than 1st time I did 80 day obsession because I’m more familiar with the moves and it just don’t seem as hard. I don’t get near as sore. Oh don’t get me wrong it is still very challenging. I always like a challenge. These workouts definitely give you a challenge.

Your body is probably saying stop but you have to have a strong mind to say keep on going.:)

I love how much the sliders are involved in the moves. Today cardio & abs got worked good.


Running in place 



Skip Rope


Im one of those people who if you have a schedule you go by it everyday till you went all the way through. That’s what I’m doing with 80 Day Obsession. Today is my 3rd week of Round 2 of 80 Day Obsession. I’m thinking things are going easier but yet challenging.

Today was Total Body Core 2 rounds of every workout when you think your close to done think 15 different workouts total body core is a perfect name for this.

1st workout was squat to rotating press first 15 weren’t bad next round wasn’t as easy


Next was the laderal Bear Crawl I used yellow loop in both rounds


Next the Spider loops I used the green loop which makes it a little harder


Bent over Rows I did some with 8s and some with 10s these always mess with my lower back


1 hand renegade row with a twist yellow loop


Lap pull is good ab workout need to keep shoulders down more use a green loop


Push up leg lifts- use blue loop


Chest Fly leg lifts use 10 lb weights


Side View lift Kicks use 2 loops blue & yellow


Bicep Curls Blue & yellow 10lb weights


C curb 10 lb weights working the abs


Side plank knee pull- green loop


Tricep Kick Backs used a little lighter 8’s


Single Arm loop Extension


Tricep Push Ups



In cleanse mode for 5 days every night.

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This last weekend we played at the Lake Saturday & Sunday. Doing tricks on our jet ski works the arms the whole body. So at first today I’m like I workout all weekend working that jet ski but yet I’m on a schedule and this is my therapy working out. Sounds silly but it is true. Today was day 8 of 80 DAYS it was also Total Body Core and it works all the parts of the body challenging your core and maximize strength gains and calorie burn.

Using weights & resistance bands feeling it in my booty & arms. But it seems like this workout goes fast and after working the jet ski to do tricks my arms are like noodles


Some of my moves today were the Squat Rotating lift I used 10’s & 8’s
Lateral Hand Crawls w/yellow band
Bent Over Row I used 10’s in the beginning then changed to 8’s
         Staggardt leg bicep Curl 10’s

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Everybody knows as we get older most of us lose our butt. So I work mine every chance I get lifting it and today from 80 Day Obsession was Booty workout oh yeah you feel it everywhere. Today will be a day I sit back a little bit workout Targets your glutes, with isolation exercises designed to help shape a firm, round butt. That is what I like about it. I decided I would do 80 Day Obsession & 21 Day Fix Extreme see what happens. I can always tell when I’m feeling better I’m ready to workout..:)  I enjoy and I feel like it helps me go into a whole different place. Summer is here and it seems like we all want to look better in the summer so we can wear shorts and cute tops. At least I do. I truly do recommend this workout Autumn knows & talks about every part of our body that we want to firm up. She gets us..:) A few moves I did today that I took pictures of was with the bands squats, leg push backs, & toe taps.Oh believe me there were many other moves just didn’t get pictures. Having the strap on really makes you work the side of the booty and back.





Toe Taps

As always after words you need to fuel your body and put in the right nutrition to get the right results. Always trying to fuel with the best nutrition. Believe me I’ve done my research I will as well eat other things to like my Keto pancakes they are so good and I love how they are sugar free and low carb. So well have a busy day as always. Remember to keep smiling maybe you’ll get someone else to smile and make their day too!

A Little Obsessed & Cheesecake

So I find myself going back to 80 Day and thinking I will do it again. Lately I just do the 80 Day a little Obsessed which is only 30 minutes. So today I did Total Body all I can say is you feel it I love the burn if you don’t feel anything you probably won’t keep going back to it right? Anyhow today the workout was using light, medium, & heavy weights plus the resistance bands. Working the entire body burning fat & building muscle I love these workouts. Talking to others about these workouts I’m convinced I want to do it again. Besides Autumn always knows what parts we need to get

Below is me doing Reverse lunge with a twist. I always feel that afterwards.


Next was slow loop climbers working that core again I don’t have any pictures on the floor this time. Then one hand renegade working the sides again. Pullover with a V lift using my 10’s and bands around my legs doubling up. Then one of my favorites modified V ups with the bands on working that core. Then I did a squat hammer curl rotation picture below:


Then bicycle with the bands working the abs. Last tricep kickbacks used my 8s working the back of the arms & the butt that felt awesome. Repeat every workout again.

Then the best part of my day I get a delicious Strawberry Shake to refuel my body form my workout. Can’t go wrong a complete meal replacement for maximum lean muscle building and boosting metabolism.

  • 36 grams undenatured whey and milk protein
  • A superior branched-chain amino acid profile to boost muscle growth and maintenance
  • Low-glycemic with energy

I love having snacks occasionally but healthy ones right? I got an email with this delicious recipe Mini Keto Cheesecake so good..I’ve been wanting to try this ever since Amy Smith had sent it to me. This is what I have to say though if you don’t have control you might not want to make this its so good.. I have to say I took this picture from another because I was so excited after I made mine I ate most of but honestly my totally looked just like that one. I put blueberries on top so good. Probably won’t be making it for awhile but it was a nice treat. Here’s her recipe: I have to say this was so good I will make it again for a party or something just not when I’m hungry..:)

6e6f19db126f46fe8f32406e0d60017f (1).png


P.S I used my lakanto golden sugar

Get Down and Dirty, and get it done

So today was one of those days where you know you should have been in there and got your workout done before it got hot but no I sit around drinking my coffee thinking it’s not that I finally jump up and went and done Dirty 30 Extreme which I intentionally wanted a hard workout today.  This workout has 7 different  moves focusing on multiple body parts at a time, burning more calories while defining your muscles. I felt every move shoulders were burning.

Some of the workouts were this:


Squat Press


Sword Pull Lunge


Squat Row

Just to name a few I got a lot going on as usual I’m running behind just catching up on here. After my workout I enjoy a delicious 1/2 Pina Colada & 1/2 Strawberry shake. Fueling the body to help me get through most the day. When I’m hot from my workouts I look forwarding to having a cold, cold nutritional shake. I already feel better. I like to mix it up been going lighter on the weights and focusing on toning more.

Staying active has been easy with the right lifestyle health & fitness I love our products and how they keep my energy levels up, and some of the best nutrition. Keep carbs low and keeping track of food has been a lifesaver. Helping others reach their goal has been a dream come true for me. I love helping people with fitness & healthF4A0AD9A-4F6D-4530-B5A7-99F0EEEB1BEF.jpeg

Train Hard & Eat With A Plan

Getting things back to normal finally..Getting sick runs your whole body down that makes it harder to workout. I’ve been doing this for awhile now so I know when to take it easier, stop, or take the day off. For two weeks been trying to feel normal and I think I’m getting there unfortunately the ones around me are now coming down with what I had:(

 I do feel so much better and getting back into my routines makes me happy. Today I did Pilates Fix Extreme with resistance bands boy do you feel your whole body getting a workout. This intense mat workout works the entire body, placing emphasis on the core. Which I love. How many times do you say I don’t need to finish this workout? I do and then I just keep This is one of the harder ones I would love to skip but then I feel like just do it! And I feel so much better after I do. Working the legs, butt, & arms you feel the burn.. The great part is my reward afterwards.

For along time I’ve been trying to decide which way to go with eating, and I always end back up taking my delicious shakes. The best thing I can tell people if you are wanting to lose weight log it. I started logging my foods and it has help so much I’ve been losing weight just by basically doing what I’ve always done just not having as many in between snacks.:) How many times are you eating a day? I been having a coffee in the mornings when I get up and my shake mid morning. Its been working I need the best nutrition to fuel my body to stay strong for my family & myself. I have read so many amazing stories of people that lose weight with our shakes & cleanse feel better, more energy, & better sleep. Who don’t want that? Right now we are having free shipping for new members this is the time to sign up if you are wanting to try this out click here. Money back guarantee if it don’t work for you. I love all the new seasonal flavors they come out with I just got in the Pina Colada YUM! But today I decided to have strawberry so good. They workout great if you are in a hurry and need to just shake it with ice & go..I always almost always blend mine I like to feel like I’m having a frosty..Taste just like one only a whole lot better for you.


I love seeing everyone’s transformations you want to just check our group out you can do that and not sign up until you’re ready. Message me to get in this amazing group. I can read people’s post for hours that might just be the health Coach in me. But it such a great learning experience.