I can’t decide if I like summer or fall better. All I know is I feel like I need to wash my hair more. I don’t like feel grungy but for the last couple of days I’ve been feeling warm. Has not stop me from working out though. I need to keep busy and that is one of my routines I do unless we’re traveling. I feel like I haven’t been giving it my all lately. I don’t know maybe it’s from everything going on in the world. I will be 57 next month I think I’m starting to feel some of the signs. I always thought I would not get older but I think it’s happening. I love the gel I take helps keep my hormones balanced. I can’t express how important that is. That and a healthy diet. I finally found the one for me and that is Keto/carnivore I love not being hungry all the time. Ones that eat high carbs you know you get hungry every couple of hours. I don’t miss that. Lately I haven’t been hungry probably because of the heat. I tried a new product for awhile Keto chow shake I was having that around 10AM it a replacement shake. It kind of messed with my tummy so not sure I’ll keep taking that. So yesterday I decided to make 4 eggs in my airfryer. I will take them along on our trip to South Dakota.

Today I did the workout Max Out Strength and I did modify quite a bit but I got through it hope I don’t pay for it all day like yesterday. I only drank half my coffee today it was just to warm. I’ll put a video up of my workout just parts of it.

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