So today was crazy! But I had to get my workout in. I got it done before my dentist appointment which was at 8:30AM. I was glad I got it done since we are getting ready to take off on the road again. Getting a workout done when you have a busy schedule is hard but well worth it. I know when I’m on the road I’ll get a lot of exercise in.(hopefully) Today was T-25 Lower Focus I was glad it was only 25 minutes then a bonus ab workout for 15. I was also fasting today didn’t quite make my 16 hours just because I had to much going on. I only had a protein shake but that breaks the fast. So after a long day getting to go see my mom and talk to our new pastor he went and gave her communion and us. We came home and started to make things for the road and get the camper packed. I made some sloppy joes (keto) and peanut butter cookies. Kip made coleslaw, I also made up some cucumbers & onions that I’ll cream. Having our own food works out so good for me since I’m strict keto/carnivore. It sometimes is hard especially when I check ingredients on items and they have sugar. There are several different ways though to make items without sugar when you make them yourself. They might not taste quite as good but at least you know all the ingredients in you food. I did find some delicious Marinara sauce from our local store in town good ingredients no sugar. Is there a special diet you follow? Do you take certain things to lose weight? I’m trying just to eat keto & workout. I’d love to do just carnivore for a week or two. Anyhow below you will see how my workout turned out today. All lower body. Follow along have fun with it.

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