Everyday I get up feeling pretty good. I always wonder what is my workout going to be today in my 60 day challenge. First thing I do is put on my gel for joint support & energy. At 56 I’m thankful for everyday feeling great. I’m also very thankful I feel like working out. The only one that matters is YOU. My husband don’t care if I workout or not yes he thinks it’s great when I do but if I didn’t want to he wouldn’t care. So it’s an addiction of feeling better about myself and about life. For the last 15 years I”ve been so interested in the body, what makes it feel great what makes it feel not great. What diet is the best? I always love to hear about how people are feeling and asking me what can they improve. First thing to improve your life would be cut the sugar. Your body deserves the best so eat right, exercise or walk. I got another busy day. So I need to get up push myself to get in there and workout. I love a challenge and I’m doing a 60 Day Challenge. It would be easy to quit but I’m not a quitter.

Being keto/carnivore has worked for me it don’t work for everyone. But you need to learn what makes your body feel best. I still eat vegetables just certain ones. Try to stay away from processed foods they have so many hidden things that are not good for the body. Okay going to do Strength for Asylium

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