So today was Fast & Furious and don’t let them fool you. It’s only 20 minutes but it hard cardio at least for me As we go through this 60 Day challenge I invited as many as I could that I thought would be interested in working out & not quitting. There are days like today I was stalling on doing this workout. I’ve done Fast & Furious before it’s not my favorite. Some reason today it wasn’t as bad but I still was panting. So the workout for 20 minutes then 3 sets of 24 biceps, 24 chest presses, & 24 tricep dips. My arms were on fire. 🙂 Great feeling. So one of my friends that are doing this challenge is really working hard and staying dedicated. So proud of her. I’m not with BB anymore I have nothing bad to say about them except the shakes and stuff were not working that great for me at the end. I do have Beachbody on demand and she does too. So we do workouts off of it. I’m thinking I must of seen ShaunT announce the 60 Day Challenge. So that’s how I got in it. He said it cost nothing except to be with BOD we both are so we’re doing this. This group is very inspiring and so glad to be feeling better everyday. I really been feeling my body change since starting the 60 Day Challenge.

I’ve talked to you guys before about the gel since starting this 60 day challenge I’m doing it morning & night where before I only did it at night. It helps with muscle, & joint recovery. I’m pretty sure it helps me get more toned as I age too. My husband is pretty bony since using the gel he is getting more muscle growth & feeling better everyday.

Right now we are running a special we waive the membership fee. You can go here for more information be sure & message me so I can help you.

Here is my workout today:

Your body deserves the best

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