Today was day 3 of the 60 day challenge. Not going to lie it was hard. But feeling strong and in the zone. Yes I was nervous I’m not a young pup Some will do a lot better than me some won’t. Its not about who’s better than who in this challenge. It’s about showing up and giving it all you can give it. And that’s what I intend to do. I love having what makes me feel the strongest and energized without shakiness. I use the gel every morning and night. That is how I keep up my muscle strength and my muscle toned arms. I love how it helps me out right now running big special interested let me know.

Working out takes so much stress off and this is the time to be doing that right? Well this 60 days is going to help because anytime its ShaunT workouts its tough. Eating healthy is another big deal to me. Working out like I am I need good healthy food so I will be strict keto/carnivore through this journey. For the Next 10 days if I have a drink it will only be on the weekends. Drinking right now will not help me burn the fat I need to stay away. Staying around 20-25 carbs a day will keep me fit hopefully. I need to track my macros everyday to stay on track I use the carbmaster and fast usually till around 10 or so. Then I have a protein shake with pb in it so good.

So hope you follow me on my journey of 60 days. Have a great day. #SurvivingShaunT

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