I always say I like a Challenge. And starting a challenge is easy committing and staying with it sometimes gets hard. There’s always something that might get in the way you go somewhere and you put it off. You always say I’ll do it when I get back and the longer you wait the more you feel I’m not going to be able to do it. I’m talking mainly about myself it getting into challenges or groups saying I will do that and do for a few days and then something gets in the way. This week is not only a new start with  60 Days of Digging Deep with Shaun T. But also being in a couple other challenges. One thing I’d like to accomplish is finishing my book that I’ve tried a couple times. I’m going to stay up with the group this time no excuses.RIGHT? When you stay committed you feel accomplished. I like that Shaun T gets you no matter what age you are. If you try he respects that. I’ve always loved doing his workouts to get in the best shape. I’ve done The Asylum Insanity workout once it was not easy and alot of his workouts are that. So chin up even at 56 I’m going to give it my best shot. Today was Friday Fight Round 2 and I have done Max Out 30 before but I usually only do Friday Fight Round 1 because of course it is easier than Round 2.:) But I want to stay up with the group and do this right you can modify and I did do some of that when I couldn’t do it anymore. Just keep going and remember it will get over.

So I think I have done about every diet out there from Vegan to Keto and I’m close to Carnivore. Which makes me feel strong. My weight has stayed pretty close to the same goes up a lb. goes down a couple. But since this way of eating its stayed pretty stable. I liked vegetarian and I still like vegetables occasionally. But as I get closer to Carnivore less vegetables are involved more meat. Its not for everyone and if your eating more fruits and vegetables and it works for you then that’s what is good or you. I like trying new things obviously I might change sometime but for now this is what I like. I started to eat this way to at first lose weight but guess who is losing more weight than me? Yeah you guess it my husband. I try to fix him potatoes and things that he can eat to put on but he is 6ft. and not big. Hopefully nothing is wrong with him. For his size he should probably eat more. Oh and I couldn’t get through these workouts without my gel

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