Don’t just sit and drink coffee. Best thing is the earlier I get my workout done the better off Iam to do it and get it done.

Today was Cardio it never gets easier sorry to tell you that. But as I get older it gets Some Days are not so bad. Today was not bad as long as I can keep my breathing under control. All in all it was great workout and burned some calories & fat. It was just 30 minutes but man it is one of the hardest cardio workouts I do. I’ve done it several times but it don’t ever get any easier but I guess that is what keeps getting me to go back and do it again. 🙂 I feel cardio no matter how you do it is good for the heart & get the blood circulating.

I just did a quick cardio video today. My husband and I decided to fast so it should be an interesting day. We’ll see who gives in first. 🙂 No doubt it will probably be me. You go through those hunger pains for awhile then they finally just go away. Oh yes they will come back drink more water.

Following others that have fasted to see how long they can go without eating inspires me. All the changes they go through with the detoxing, more energy, think better, healing of the body & so much more. I can at least do 24 hours or more. I don’t suggest working out like I did and doing it the way we are. Its something you should prepare yourself to do.


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