So I did shoulders yesterday. It was a crazy day and just now getting this up.:) I thought everything was going pretty good did not realize my husband came in turned on the spot light behind me to turn up the heat. Not blaming him I should have been paying more attention.

So I made the video where I sound like a chipmunk. Also I was messing again with my video there might be music and it might be loud? The main thing is guys don’t get discouraged just keep going and stay active. Take care of yourselves.

On another good note we have a new product that just got released called Fortress check it out. Fortress helps to strengthen your body’s natural immune mechanisms. With Fortress, you can feel empowered to accomplish your everyday tasks.

I’ve been working with weights and got ideas from Joel Freeman

Do each Block 3 times through

I used 10’s, 8’s, & 6’s

1st Block 3 times through

Overhead Press, Upright Row, Plyo Move

2nd Block 3 times through

Front Raise, Side Raise, No jump burpee 30 seconds

3 block 3 times through

Y Raise, Shoulder Fly, Plyo Lunges

Core- 3 times through 30 seconds each

Flutter kicks, Reaching situps or crunches

Then I did a short step workout.

Check out our new product here


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