Just another manic Monday

Today was a struggle so I had some help from Joel Freeman from Lift4. I’m trying to do Cardio & weights see if what that’s like. So far I’m liking it. I also did some of the step for booty afterward. Sorry about the video mess ups. Something was not going well. I definitely needed a hand today.

Had a great Sunday and never ready for Monday Right? Right but as every week goes Monday starts the beginning of a new workout week. šŸ™‚ My passion is working out because that is something I’m good at.

But the workout today is basically Back/Biceps

4 Exercises 3 times

1st Block

Wide Row

Wide Curl

Regular Row

Hammer Curls

2nd Block


Top Curl 1/2 down

Reverse Flys

Bottom Curls

Burn Out

Lift Chest

Regular Bicep Curls Full Extensions

Core Moves

Alternate leg twist

Plank Hold

At the end of the video wasn’t suppose to be added but I did a short booty workout on the step.

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