Sometimes You Just Have One Of Those Days.

I’m still in the mood to workout. But sometimes I don’t feel like talking all the way through. Getting closer to the holidays. I feel sometimes my husband and I are the only ones for miles. Yes we have the ones that have to drive by to check pastures and so on. But missing my family as I’m sure everyone that can’t see there’s feel the same way.

After talking to our accountant yesterday hearing that she can’t even talk to her mom that is in a home because her mom has Dementia. At my mom can still talk to me on the phone and I’m Thankful for that.

Hopefully soon will be able to talk to my family in person. I look forward to that.

So if you want to follow along today that is great! I’m just trying to stay active as I have been eating more.

2 Times Through Each Workout

Of Course always warm-up first, 🙂

Squat Tap for 60 Seconds

Figure 4 Crunches 30 seconds each side

Sumo hit jumps 60 seconds

Accordion Crunch 60 Seconds

Squat Hold for 60 seconds

C Curb with twist 60 seconds

Front lunge with lift 30 seconds each side

3 way crunch with weight (I used 6’s)

Single leg bridge with weight. 30 seconds each side

Stretch at the end & do a cool down. 🙂

Home Workout Fun

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