It’s Monday & I Got Dizzy

Working out is my therapy. It just makes me feel better. But sometimes when I get up to fast I get dizzy. But I made it through another great workout.

Hope you enjoy this. I just do a little of everything. There’s something about after I do a workout I can work around the house all day.

Warm-Up first just make sure your legs and everything are warmed up Round 1- 2 times through everything Squat & press with the weight I used a 6 Football runs in place Round 2 2 times through again Hold 1 weight sink move leg in circle for 60 seconds (I used a 10) Hold both weights with a slider do 2 pulses back Round 3 2 times through Lunge row curl row one time then 2 times with a knee up Grab a loop yellow, green or blue and do a twist Round 4 2 times through Sumo Squats for 30 seconds then jump for 30 seconds Take the loop under foot and do a hip lunge Bonus Chest press with leg drops Tricep kick backs in plank ( I went on my knees.)

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