So I got the step out again. I really feel it even if it is only like for 20 minutes. I’ll continue to do other workouts too! But this is something different. I feel it works the arms, legs & core plus I’m getting my cardio in.

I’m no professional just got keep moving or we will all end up stiff & not good. Don’t be a couch You can move slower you don’t need to move fast & you can do some of a workout and each day maybe go a little further.

Working out truly motivates me it takes my mind off of all the bad going on. It relieves the stress. I truly believe it is the best therapy for me. I don’t like to watch TV all day that is just a waste of the day. Actually the tv usually don’t come on till my husband comes in at night. I will listen to music sometimes or health videos. I’m all about what can make the body feel better.:) I love reading about healthy lifestyles. I like listening to certain doctors that are eating the way I Am.

For now to get me through everyday until I can’t I’m going to keep working out. I feel like it helps in so many ways. Have a Happy Saturday!

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