One thing to do a leg day but I thought I had to go one step further and do a step workout too!

It’s all fun as you notice on the step workout I was fast and then slow in a lot of places. I like doing the step workout it’s just a lot of cardio.

Its alright I’ve ate back what I burned in calories today..:)

So I start off with doing a lower workout checkout:

Warm-UP first for 10 minutes

Then 2 rounds of each exercise:

Weights at your side go for 60 seconds then hold for 10 seconds then jump for 10

Forward lunge 30 seconds then hold for 10 seconds then kick for 10

Then back to the top go through that again

Round 2

Single leg squat 30 seconds each side do the the hold and jump

Side lunges 30 seconds the hold and pull leg up do other side for 30 seconds

Back to single leg squat

Side lunges

Round 3

Sumo Squats- 30 seconds then hold for 10 and jump for 10

Weighted curtsies each side for 30 seconds hold and jump

Bonus with the loop;

Try to follow along on the video it explains it better: