Get Your Board Out Lets Have Fun!

So today I did Pilates and I struggle a little on it so I didn’t video it. Took some pictures though. After Pilates today I decided to keep going and get my board out man do I feel it in the back of my legs.

I did video workout on the board but I didn’t talk on it. Just have fun moving and burning calories. Every little bit helps.

Working out along with healthy eating works best for me. I have to watch what I eat. My husband on the other hand don’t have to he can eat, & eat and still stay the same. Some people are lucky like that. Or are they? Have to wonder when people can eat whatever they want and not gain how hard is that on them? Is that clogging your veins when you can eat sugar, and bags of chips? I’m just curious about that.

Eating healthy you’d think would get boring but it don’t when you can feel your abs every morning going oh ya..:) I have worked hard for that.

At age 56 I’m glad to know that my arms are solid & everything feels tight. But I definitely work hard at it. Just have to keep moving.


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