Trying New Things. PLYO

So today I decided I would have a little fun with the video today. Not sure I like it. Because it went out of order of my workouts.

Thing is with videos you can’t always control the order in which it goes no matter how many times you go and edit it. I finally gave up and went with this. I had at the beginning perfect song it was sweet but then I had to go and edit and I ended up with this song. But still had fun with it.

I had fun doing this workout today! It was different anytime something is different its fun. I can tell you what my legs were burning for awhile after this was all done. I used 6s, 8s, & 10s today.

This is how the workout went:

Warmup for 10 minutes

Squat jump 2 jumps and hold both sides.

Split Squat Jump 30 sec. each side.

Single leg squats 30 seconds each side

Frogs-Jump with weights

Pop Jacks with Tuck jumps

Squat hops into a squat

Twisted Skaters with weights

Calf Jumps 2 times then up on your toes.

Plank Thrusters

Lateral Sumo Squat

Bonus Round

Crossover Lunge..

Sorry about my head getting cut off sometimes..

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