Staying Positive? Do A Workout With Me..:)

Staying positive these days is not easy. But remember you need to stay strong for your family. The hardest thing right now is not getting to see my mom. Her spirits are good and she is in a very good place. I love she has a big window and we talk on the phone. I’m glad to be this close where I can check on her. She truly is in a good place where she gets food, sees people not alone.

My husband can’t sit still for long without going stir crazy so he keeps busy with new projects. We went walking yesterday for about a mile in a half. The more you can keep busy the better the day goes. After our walk yesterday we came back to the house and Kip cleaned out the hot tub then filled it while he did that I cleaned the kitchen. Sundays are and have been out day off so we don’t do to much on Sundays. I did watch to online sermons.

For now we deal with what we have to and if it means facetime, zoom, whatever lets just do it. Keep praying things will get better, keep your faith.

Today there is no sun but I’m not going to let that bother me. Keep going and one day hopefully soon we will slowly get back to our normal.

Today I did upper body workout. I have been down as I’m sure a lot are but I just wanted music and my workout.

Warm up

2 times through

Round 1 Push-Ups with a leg lift for 30 seconds then a Plank hold for 30 seconds

Narrow Row with a lung Heavy weights 30 seconds then light 30 seconds

Go up to glute bridge with chest flys 30 seconds heavy & 30 seconds light

Single arm hold with band for 60 seconds

Round 2

Military press heavy 30 seconds & light 30 seconds

Twisted Abs 60 seconds with 1 leg lift

Post delt fly with band for 60 seconds

Down dog single leg with twist 30 seconds each side

Round 3 Full Curls for heavy for 30 seconds then lift leg for balance with light 30 seconds

Skull crushers heavy 30 seconds & light 30 seconds

Hammer curls on knees 30 seconds with heavy & 30 seconds with light Tricep kickback with a twist heavy 30 seconds & light 30 seconds ( I ended up sticking with lighter at the end.)

We can all get through this. Stay Strong!

Upper Body

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