Spit It Out! Don’t Be a Sloth on A The Couch

Never said by any means I was a pro..LOL Just trying to do something to get by. I know sometimes I screw up on the workouts. But at least I’m trying everyday! Trying to make the best out of life. How about you?

I don’t want to be a sloth on the couch. Not like their not cute when you see them up in the tree. People are stressed and one way to get the stress out for me any how is to workout. Just seem to struggle today but got through it and did abs after that.

Walk, workout, just keep moving. You Got This!

Warm-up for 10 minutes Was trying to get the lighting better

2 Rounds of Each

Curtsy to 1/2 Moon 1 minute

1/2 Surrenders to Shoulder press 1 minute

Push-Up to renegade row 30 seconds each side

Side lunge sword pull 1 minute each side

Quad Push Crunch Front lunge Row to Curl Bonus 30 seconds plank to crunch

Different Moves from Workouts I’m following

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