Working all the lower today

2 Rounds 30 seconds each

Weighted Squats-30 Seconds Jump for 30 Seconds Forward Lunge-30 seconds Then lunge for 30 seconds Single leg squat-30 seconds bend knee jumps-Drive knee up Side lunge knee Driver 30 seconds Side lunge jumps Weighted Cursies-30 Seconds Then 30 second jumps Heal pulses with a resistance band I used green.


So I did some cardio yesterday keeping the workouts fun!

Just some T-25 moves I about ran out of air a couple times but I kept moving. Come along and jump around with me. Lets burn that stress out!

What are you doing to keep busy? I can’t stand to stay sitting around can you? Once I start moving I just keep going. I always do 2 pumps of my amazing gel. The gel gives you energy & helps with the immune system. Plus helps the body heal faster. I know a lot of you love going to the gym but we have to make the best of what we got. Working out at home is fun! Lets do this. Follow me on youtube I will keep putting workout videos up. To show you don’t need a gym..:)