Keep Your Mind Off Of All The Crap Going On: Lets Workout

So I’m trying to find something I like and I know I like working out. So I decided to do some videos from moves I learned.

I’m just like everyone else trying to keep my mind off of things so keep moving right? So this workout is a little longer so just know I did 3 rounds of 10 reps.

Here’s some of the workouts: First of course always Warm Up so your not as sore after wards.

*3 Rounds of Lunge Presses, *3 Rounds of Candlesticks, *3 Rounds of L Raises, *3 Rounds leg lifts with a 6lb weight (you can use heavier.) I ended up with 8s. Or if you don’t want to use weights don’t. *3 Rounds of Bicep curls, *3 Rounds of Russian Twist,*3 Rounds Donkey Kicks,*3 Rounds Running Kickbacks, *3 Rounds Tricep bridge up, *3 Rounds of Superman kickout.

The video is long and some mistakes through it. But gives you an Idea of some moves. I never said I was an expert which I definitely am not. But hopefully that’ll get better every time. Keep Watching they’re going to get better..:)

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