Being where we are right now I’m sure I”m not the only one that anxiety is running higher than usual. Keeping busy is hard but it is the best thing to do right now. So my husband and I have been working out every morning and keeping busy during the day. He’s making a table out in his shop while I’m cleaning many areas of the house. Are you looking for home workouts? Situps 30-40 every morning & night, as many push ups as you can do. Kip started using 15 lb weights doing bicep curls 40 on each arm.

I will be doing different workouts showing a few different moves you can do with or without weights. If you live where you can walk if you don’t want to workout by all means walk, run just keep moving. The more we move and keep busy the less we will think about all the stress.

I used 6s, & 8s today working everything. Cursive with 6s you can use bigger but these work for me. The more you keep your abs tight the better you are. Do a minute of each workout. 2 rounds of each.

I had taken 1 tablespoon of my Ketoday before workout. Post workout I ate a yogurt and that was enough.

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