Trying New Things. PLYO

So today I decided I would have a little fun with the video today. Not sure I like it. Because it went out of order of my workouts.

Thing is with videos you can’t always control the order in which it goes no matter how many times you go and edit it. I finally gave up and went with this. I had at the beginning perfect song it was sweet but then I had to go and edit and I ended up with this song. But still had fun with it.

I had fun doing this workout today! It was different anytime something is different its fun. I can tell you what my legs were burning for awhile after this was all done. I used 6s, 8s, & 10s today.

This is how the workout went:

Warmup for 10 minutes

Squat jump 2 jumps and hold both sides.

Split Squat Jump 30 sec. each side.

Single leg squats 30 seconds each side

Frogs-Jump with weights

Pop Jacks with Tuck jumps

Squat hops into a squat

Twisted Skaters with weights

Calf Jumps 2 times then up on your toes.

Plank Thrusters

Lateral Sumo Squat

Bonus Round

Crossover Lunge..

Sorry about my head getting cut off sometimes..

Staying Positive? Do A Workout With Me..:)

Staying positive these days is not easy. But remember you need to stay strong for your family. The hardest thing right now is not getting to see my mom. Her spirits are good and she is in a very good place. I love she has a big window and we talk on the phone. I’m glad to be this close where I can check on her. She truly is in a good place where she gets food, sees people not alone.

My husband can’t sit still for long without going stir crazy so he keeps busy with new projects. We went walking yesterday for about a mile in a half. The more you can keep busy the better the day goes. After our walk yesterday we came back to the house and Kip cleaned out the hot tub then filled it while he did that I cleaned the kitchen. Sundays are and have been out day off so we don’t do to much on Sundays. I did watch to online sermons.

For now we deal with what we have to and if it means facetime, zoom, whatever lets just do it. Keep praying things will get better, keep your faith.

Today there is no sun but I’m not going to let that bother me. Keep going and one day hopefully soon we will slowly get back to our normal.

Today I did upper body workout. I have been down as I’m sure a lot are but I just wanted music and my workout.

Warm up

2 times through

Round 1 Push-Ups with a leg lift for 30 seconds then a Plank hold for 30 seconds

Narrow Row with a lung Heavy weights 30 seconds then light 30 seconds

Go up to glute bridge with chest flys 30 seconds heavy & 30 seconds light

Single arm hold with band for 60 seconds

Round 2

Military press heavy 30 seconds & light 30 seconds

Twisted Abs 60 seconds with 1 leg lift

Post delt fly with band for 60 seconds

Down dog single leg with twist 30 seconds each side

Round 3 Full Curls for heavy for 30 seconds then lift leg for balance with light 30 seconds

Skull crushers heavy 30 seconds & light 30 seconds

Hammer curls on knees 30 seconds with heavy & 30 seconds with light Tricep kickback with a twist heavy 30 seconds & light 30 seconds ( I ended up sticking with lighter at the end.)

We can all get through this. Stay Strong!

Upper Body

Spit It Out! Don’t Be a Sloth on A The Couch

Never said by any means I was a pro..LOL Just trying to do something to get by. I know sometimes I screw up on the workouts. But at least I’m trying everyday! Trying to make the best out of life. How about you?

I don’t want to be a sloth on the couch. Not like their not cute when you see them up in the tree. People are stressed and one way to get the stress out for me any how is to workout. Just seem to struggle today but got through it and did abs after that.

Walk, workout, just keep moving. You Got This!

Warm-up for 10 minutes Was trying to get the lighting better

2 Rounds of Each

Curtsy to 1/2 Moon 1 minute

1/2 Surrenders to Shoulder press 1 minute

Push-Up to renegade row 30 seconds each side

Side lunge sword pull 1 minute each side

Quad Push Crunch Front lunge Row to Curl Bonus 30 seconds plank to crunch

Different Moves from Workouts I’m following


Warm- Up first for about 10 minutes- Just do some stretching warm up

Lifting heavy weights 30 seconds then light 30 seconds 2 Rounds each Round 1 (2 times through) Push Ups 30 seconds 1/2 down push-up 30 seconds

Lunge Wide Grip Row 30 seconds heavy then go light 30 seconds light

Chest flys heavy 30 seconds then light 30 seconds

Lap pull with resistance bands (I struggle with them sometimes.)

Round 2 (2 times through) Military Press with your heavy 30 seconds -Then light 30 seconds

Twisted Abs 1 minute Back with band (I struggled with it today)

High Plank Extend leg back

Round 3-(2 times through)

Regular Curls, bicep curls Palms facing up heavys for 30 seconds then 30 seconds with light.

Skull Crushers heavy for 30 seconds then 30 seconds light

Hammer Time on your knees Kickbacks I stuck to my 6s at the end

Upper Body

Looking For a Workout? Lets Do Cardio

Warm-Up first. 🙂

Round 1

Do 2 Rounds of each Squat to lift 30 seconds High Plank kick butt Run in place for 30 seconds (Pump arms) Squat to lift other side

Round 2

Do 2 Rounds Jack press for 1 minute Back lunges to power knees High knees 30 seconds 1/2 weighted skaters Football fast feet with weights

Round 3 Do 2 Rounds

Jumping Jacks-30 Seconds Squat Clean Jump 30 seconds each leg Side Shuffle Burpees with a weight Double Tap Country Skiers

Working all the lower today

2 Rounds 30 seconds each

Weighted Squats-30 Seconds Jump for 30 Seconds Forward Lunge-30 seconds Then lunge for 30 seconds Single leg squat-30 seconds bend knee jumps-Drive knee up Side lunge knee Driver 30 seconds Side lunge jumps Weighted Cursies-30 Seconds Then 30 second jumps Heal pulses with a resistance band I used green.


So I did some cardio yesterday keeping the workouts fun!

Just some T-25 moves I about ran out of air a couple times but I kept moving. Come along and jump around with me. Lets burn that stress out!

What are you doing to keep busy? I can’t stand to stay sitting around can you? Once I start moving I just keep going. I always do 2 pumps of my amazing gel. The gel gives you energy & helps with the immune system. Plus helps the body heal faster. I know a lot of you love going to the gym but we have to make the best of what we got. Working out at home is fun! Lets do this. Follow me on youtube I will keep putting workout videos up. To show you don’t need a gym..:)

Keep Your Mind Off Of All The Crap Going On: Lets Workout

So I’m trying to find something I like and I know I like working out. So I decided to do some videos from moves I learned.

I’m just like everyone else trying to keep my mind off of things so keep moving right? So this workout is a little longer so just know I did 3 rounds of 10 reps.

Here’s some of the workouts: First of course always Warm Up so your not as sore after wards.

*3 Rounds of Lunge Presses, *3 Rounds of Candlesticks, *3 Rounds of L Raises, *3 Rounds leg lifts with a 6lb weight (you can use heavier.) I ended up with 8s. Or if you don’t want to use weights don’t. *3 Rounds of Bicep curls, *3 Rounds of Russian Twist,*3 Rounds Donkey Kicks,*3 Rounds Running Kickbacks, *3 Rounds Tricep bridge up, *3 Rounds of Superman kickout.

The video is long and some mistakes through it. But gives you an Idea of some moves. I never said I was an expert which I definitely am not. But hopefully that’ll get better every time. Keep Watching they’re going to get better..:)


Being where we are right now I’m sure I”m not the only one that anxiety is running higher than usual. Keeping busy is hard but it is the best thing to do right now. So my husband and I have been working out every morning and keeping busy during the day. He’s making a table out in his shop while I’m cleaning many areas of the house. Are you looking for home workouts? Situps 30-40 every morning & night, as many push ups as you can do. Kip started using 15 lb weights doing bicep curls 40 on each arm.

I will be doing different workouts showing a few different moves you can do with or without weights. If you live where you can walk if you don’t want to workout by all means walk, run just keep moving. The more we move and keep busy the less we will think about all the stress.

I used 6s, & 8s today working everything. Cursive with 6s you can use bigger but these work for me. The more you keep your abs tight the better you are. Do a minute of each workout. 2 rounds of each.

I had taken 1 tablespoon of my Ketoday before workout. Post workout I ate a yogurt and that was enough.