Learn Something New Everyday

Watching Thomas Delauer on Cleanest Keto Snack Foods. Okay I’ve been Keto for around a year now. Getting better at it all the time. It’s a lifestyle I have learn to love. Where I’m not starving all the time being on some diet, sometimes you get shaky and just feel yucky all over. I’ve been loving this lifestyle especially since I’m staying where I want to be and eating everything I love. Sometimes you need snacks on Keto and you don’t want to blow it by coming home and just finding something to eat that’s going to get you out of your keto. I love having keto snacks I can trust. Always, always read labels. Stores like to trick you in saying this is low carb when your read the labels um no it’s not. Watch Thomas DeLauer when he goes to Walmart and what he picks out for the cleanest snacks @Walmart. Just when I thought I knew what was good I was correct on most things he picked out but the bars I always thought Quest was alright but guess not. I only eat them on desperate times. The cheeses I got wrong to I thought mozzarella sticks were alright. Learn something new everyday..

Read your labels and you make the final decision but each hint helps.

Go to: https://youtu.be/QPR4F3B68sl to see what are the best snacks at Walmart.