Today makes another day of great workout. It was Total Body I mean I feel it all over. Thankful for my gel that helps with joints and fast recovery. I like the workout today we would go through like 3 or 4 workouts then repeat 3 times. Then we would move onto another set of something different and go through them 3 times, then move on to 3 or 4 more workouts repeat 3 times. When Autumn says Whole body she means it. lol Work everything from head to toe and I’m trying harder not to get so intense in the shoulders & neck. I also had my KG4 drink in there I was sipping on giving me the energy and motivation. As most of you know I’m not real big 4’11 and so when I put on muscle like I’m doing my arms seem to sometimes look bigger then I like. But then I feel them and that is all muscle which I love. At age 56 I’m feeling better than ever. I love how the gel & drink make me feel alive, more energy, fast recovery, better sleep at night & more. So many amazing testimonies.

I realize when you get a certain age you think why should I right? You get out of the routine its hard that all goes with it. It’s easier just to stay the same, until it’s not anymore. When you stay the same you start to have more pains you just don’t want change.

I’m here for anyone that wants to feel better. First you got to decide & commit. Show up without excuses. I’m 56 my husband is 62 he decided he wants more so he’s doing more exercises, eating better. At 56 it’s not easy having muscle like I do but I truly believe the gel is what makes my muscle growth. I’m addicted to working out & better health. Start getting addicted to bettering yourself.

Bent over rows

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