Have you heard of HGH yet? Oh my gosh I’ve been on hormone meds ever since I had a hysterectomy in 1998. I have talk to others that struggle just as bad or worse than me if they don’t have something. I’ve been getting pellets for the last 10 years. Well since I’ve been on the gel things have been changing I feel like a totally different person. It is not cheap to get pellets every 3 months for 15 minutes of a doctor’s visit. You’d think it’d be a little longer visit since you pay quite a bit but no you get your pellets and see you next time. So my husband and I have been taking the gel me for over a year him for about 7 months. Been feeling better and better all the time thinking about getting off of everything. Kip lately says hes going to quit Xanax we’ve been on that for over 15 years. Something that is not real easy to get off of but hey the gel has so many great benefits and one is we both sleep better. He said today with the gel I don’t need the xanax anymore. 🙂 I started thinking about things thinking about how I have more muscle growth now and thinking I don’t need pellets anymore (bioidentical hormones)

My husband is 62 I’m 56 and we feel better then we have felt in along time. Just by spending a little on some amazing products. I have decided spending money on the gel is better than spending money on all these other products out there that I don’t need anymore. I’m excited about saving some money getting off what little meds we’re on. Of course we also are being more careful of what we eat. Cutting down on sugar, processed foods, & other things. My husband & I workout every morning which can help clear the lungs, have better mobility & better muscle strength.

Today my husband did his regular routine push ups, situps, & run on the tread everyday he’s improving.

I have been doing the 80 day obsession today was Cardio & Core not my favorite but it was only a little over 30 minutes so I through in some extra ab workout.

Cardio Core

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