I’ve been doing the #WholebodyChallenge now some may say why? Because I like consistency I like to hear other peoples stories on how much weight they have lost, how they are feeling. So many amazing testimonies. Just by doing our products. A lot of people don’t like getting their pictures taken it can be uncomfortable, can be embarrassing. I’m one of those that when I see my pictures my husband always says your not going to like these? Hes usually right. I even thought last night I’m not doing it anymore. But I’m not a quitter I never let my daughter quit when she didn’t like something so I will finish this. The only reason I wanted to quit is I know I don’t have a chance to win manly because you know the ones that are doing it are losing a lot of weight. Where I am not which is alright because I’m putting on muscle even though sometimes I don’t feel like anything is changing the pictures tell me different. I seriously feel a sigh of relief every time I get my pictures up I feel so proud of myself for not quitting. I love to compete so when I see the post coming up of how much some have loss I’m like WOW!

Everybodies bodys are different as we age it is harder to lose even if you are doing everything right. But as long as we are trying and feeling great every morning we wake up why not keep going with it. I love that both my husband and I have great energy in the mornings when we wake up. Why not spend something on something that is helping us. I haven’t been to a doctor in along time. Not saying I won’t have to one day but at age 56 doing a workout everyday being active is a big plus. I’m not on hardly any meds except for my hormones. Which after being on the gel I don’t think I need to go back to my hormone doctor anymore and get pellets. That’s how great I’ve been feeling. I rather spend the money on the gel. It is helping my husband feel so much better & it helps me so it’s a WIN!

In the Whole Body Challenge there are many different people many nurses, doctors, business people & more. Love hearing their stories about how our products give them more energy to get through the day & night. How so many are losing the weight they could never lose before. If you want to try our products now is the time while I’m running a special on the gel message me for all the details and I’ll get you set up. Plus many have less joint pain, better sleep is a big plus too! Join me in the Whole Body Challenge where you can get the support to get where you want to be.

Not on his knees anymore:)

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