Having patience is not one of my stronger things. I like to get to it like most people want to lose weight today right now. I’ve been doing 80 Day Obsession for a week and I was like come on I want to get to week 2 already so today I did week 2 legs. Probably not a smart idea but I have to say in my offense I have done 80 Day a couple of times so I do know whats coming most the

A few of the moves today were with heavier weights, squats, and so on. Really feeling the burn in my legs today. But that is what I like I like to know this workout works for me.

I been reading up on so many people doing the IF(intermittent fasting) it’s a big deal in the workout & health world right now. So I like to fast from around 7PM till around 10 or so depending on if I get hungry after a workout. I usually have 4 boiled eggs waiting in the fridge just in case I get hungry and I need something right now. I’ll sometimes eat one sometimes eat two with my fat burning drink. That fills me up until around 12:30 for lunch. If you fast and workout first thing in the mornings that’s burning the fat sitting in the fat cells. You get use to it it takes training on your body. Your body will usually tell you feed me now or you’re alright. Remember your mind is strong. I have found out the best thing for me is not to buy something you think you’ll just have a little of and that’s it no. I’m a food addict when it comes to gooey jelly junk. Best thing don’t buy it so you don’t eat it and no regrets right? So yesterday I decided I could handle making Macadamia nut clusters WRONG..NO I ate almost all but 3 thank goodness my husband ate the last 3 he knows I have food addiction problem. It’s not fun but as soon as you can admit to yourself you can’t have that you know what you’ll do the right thing.

Back to working out I took some shots of me doing the LEGS today we had 3 sets/10 reps for 52 minutes. You want to feel your legs burn and your booty on fire do this

Hope everyone has A Happy Valentine’s Day! Be sure to go to this link to find all the sweet specials going on @lakanto. Going sugar free never taste so good. Some of the specials are 20-50% off storewide, all chocolates 30% off. SHOW YOURSELF SOME LOVE..

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