Triple A Kicked My Ass Again

Loving to workout like I do and wanted to stay in shape. There are so many workouts I can do but I like to target certain parts of the body. So I’ve been playing around with cardio, & weights. Decided to do another round of 80 Day Obsession I love how Autumn targets all the parts I need to get in shape before going somewhere where I need to look good. 🙂

Doing a challenge this month with #wholebodychallenge. I’m not really needing to lose much weight but as we get older things get tougher to build muscle and strength. Loving the KetoDay& KetoNight that are so tasty and so many good things happening. I also love the KG4 tasty and I drink it when doing my workout on a fast. Seems to be working out pretty good. So many great testimonies are what these products have done to help people feel better about themselves. Weight release, sleep better, feeling better & so much more. My husband has not worked out for over 30 years not saying hes not active he just never had the desire to workout. Well he started doing the gel first he said getting better sleep, feeling more energy, & better mood was a plus all around. Then he started to take the KetoDay & KetoNight said that help even more. He does sit ups up to 60 now, pushups, and runs on the treadmill everyday. He inspires me because he gets going first thing in the morning to do his workout and I go in the living room and I do my workout.

I did Triple A today and it works the arms, abs, &@$$. Everything a lady likes to work. Pushups, weights, sliders, & resistance bands I feel it all over and I know each week gets harder and longer. But I say BRING IT! 🙂 With the help of the gel helps with my muscle growth & stay toned.

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