Learn Something New Everyday

Watching Thomas Delauer on Cleanest Keto Snack Foods. Okay I’ve been Keto for around a year now. Getting better at it all the time. It’s a lifestyle I have learn to love. Where I’m not starving all the time being on some diet, sometimes you get shaky and just feel yucky all over. I’ve been loving this lifestyle especially since I’m staying where I want to be and eating everything I love. Sometimes you need snacks on Keto and you don’t want to blow it by coming home and just finding something to eat that’s going to get you out of your keto. I love having keto snacks I can trust. Always, always read labels. Stores like to trick you in saying this is low carb when your read the labels um no it’s not. Watch Thomas DeLauer when he goes to Walmart and what he picks out for the cleanest snacks @Walmart. Just when I thought I knew what was good I was correct on most things he picked out but the bars I always thought Quest was alright but guess not. I only eat them on desperate times. The cheeses I got wrong to I thought mozzarella sticks were alright. Learn something new everyday..

Read your labels and you make the final decision but each hint helps.

Go to: https://youtu.be/QPR4F3B68sl to see what are the best snacks at Walmart.


Today makes another day of great workout. It was Total Body I mean I feel it all over. Thankful for my gel that helps with joints and fast recovery. I like the workout today we would go through like 3 or 4 workouts then repeat 3 times. Then we would move onto another set of something different and go through them 3 times, then move on to 3 or 4 more workouts repeat 3 times. When Autumn says Whole body she means it. lol Work everything from head to toe and I’m trying harder not to get so intense in the shoulders & neck. I also had my KG4 drink in there I was sipping on giving me the energy and motivation. As most of you know I’m not real big 4’11 and so when I put on muscle like I’m doing my arms seem to sometimes look bigger then I like. But then I feel them and that is all muscle which I love. At age 56 I’m feeling better than ever. I love how the gel & drink make me feel alive, more energy, fast recovery, better sleep at night & more. So many amazing testimonies.

I realize when you get a certain age you think why should I right? You get out of the routine its hard that all goes with it. It’s easier just to stay the same, until it’s not anymore. When you stay the same you start to have more pains you just don’t want change.

I’m here for anyone that wants to feel better. First you got to decide & commit. Show up without excuses. I’m 56 my husband is 62 he decided he wants more so he’s doing more exercises, eating better. At 56 it’s not easy having muscle like I do but I truly believe the gel is what makes my muscle growth. I’m addicted to working out & better health. Start getting addicted to bettering yourself.

Bent over rows


Have you heard of HGH yet? Oh my gosh I’ve been on hormone meds ever since I had a hysterectomy in 1998. I have talk to others that struggle just as bad or worse than me if they don’t have something. I’ve been getting pellets for the last 10 years. Well since I’ve been on the gel things have been changing I feel like a totally different person. It is not cheap to get pellets every 3 months for 15 minutes of a doctor’s visit. You’d think it’d be a little longer visit since you pay quite a bit but no you get your pellets and see you next time. So my husband and I have been taking the gel me for over a year him for about 7 months. Been feeling better and better all the time thinking about getting off of everything. Kip lately says hes going to quit Xanax we’ve been on that for over 15 years. Something that is not real easy to get off of but hey the gel has so many great benefits and one is we both sleep better. He said today with the gel I don’t need the xanax anymore. 🙂 I started thinking about things thinking about how I have more muscle growth now and thinking I don’t need pellets anymore (bioidentical hormones)

My husband is 62 I’m 56 and we feel better then we have felt in along time. Just by spending a little on some amazing products. I have decided spending money on the gel is better than spending money on all these other products out there that I don’t need anymore. I’m excited about saving some money getting off what little meds we’re on. Of course we also are being more careful of what we eat. Cutting down on sugar, processed foods, & other things. My husband & I workout every morning which can help clear the lungs, have better mobility & better muscle strength.

Today my husband did his regular routine push ups, situps, & run on the tread everyday he’s improving.

I have been doing the 80 day obsession today was Cardio & Core not my favorite but it was only a little over 30 minutes so I through in some extra ab workout.

Cardio Core


I’ve been doing the #WholebodyChallenge now some may say why? Because I like consistency I like to hear other peoples stories on how much weight they have lost, how they are feeling. So many amazing testimonies. Just by doing our products. A lot of people don’t like getting their pictures taken it can be uncomfortable, can be embarrassing. I’m one of those that when I see my pictures my husband always says your not going to like these? Hes usually right. I even thought last night I’m not doing it anymore. But I’m not a quitter I never let my daughter quit when she didn’t like something so I will finish this. The only reason I wanted to quit is I know I don’t have a chance to win manly because you know the ones that are doing it are losing a lot of weight. Where I am not which is alright because I’m putting on muscle even though sometimes I don’t feel like anything is changing the pictures tell me different. I seriously feel a sigh of relief every time I get my pictures up I feel so proud of myself for not quitting. I love to compete so when I see the post coming up of how much some have loss I’m like WOW!

Everybodies bodys are different as we age it is harder to lose even if you are doing everything right. But as long as we are trying and feeling great every morning we wake up why not keep going with it. I love that both my husband and I have great energy in the mornings when we wake up. Why not spend something on something that is helping us. I haven’t been to a doctor in along time. Not saying I won’t have to one day but at age 56 doing a workout everyday being active is a big plus. I’m not on hardly any meds except for my hormones. Which after being on the gel I don’t think I need to go back to my hormone doctor anymore and get pellets. That’s how great I’ve been feeling. I rather spend the money on the gel. It is helping my husband feel so much better & it helps me so it’s a WIN!

In the Whole Body Challenge there are many different people many nurses, doctors, business people & more. Love hearing their stories about how our products give them more energy to get through the day & night. How so many are losing the weight they could never lose before. If you want to try our products now is the time while I’m running a special on the gel message me for all the details and I’ll get you set up. Plus many have less joint pain, better sleep is a big plus too! Join me in the Whole Body Challenge where you can get the support to get where you want to be.

Not on his knees anymore:)


Happy Saturday! Today I finally made it through the first week of 80 Day Obsession. Feeling it in my booty, legs & arms.

Today’s workout was Cardio Flow since I’ve done 80 day in the past I knew what was coming and I never looked forward to this one. Inch worms, so many inch worms..lol.. But I went all the way through this today since it ended up being only 31 minutes long. Thank goodness..:)

Cardio Flow is just patience again like I talked about in my last blog. Cardio Flow gets more intense as the workout goes and you do one more thing and then back to inch worms. Just because I don’t like this one don’t mean I don’t have to work harder each time to do the best I can.

Cardio Flow is good at challenging your mind, muscles, & stamina. Today thanks to the gel I recover faster and feel I could do more so I did a 10 minute ab workout as well.

Don’t give up on yourself keep pushing if you don’t make it all the way through a workout try harder next time just don’t give up.

You will see in my pictures the funniest part of this workout is the different names of each move Flamingo, walk like a duck, crab, bear, step throughs, & my favorite frog jump to donkey kick..Check out my photos I didn’t do to bad today..lol.

So I haven’t done 80 Day on the products I’m on before so I’m hoping to build more muscle lean out more. I think I’ll be able to do it! If you’re interested in checking out what I’m taking go to this link at age 56 I workout 5-6 days a week and feel better than I have in a long time. I’d love to help you get to the right balance what works for you.


Having patience is not one of my stronger things. I like to get to it like most people want to lose weight today right now. I’ve been doing 80 Day Obsession for a week and I was like come on I want to get to week 2 already so today I did week 2 legs. Probably not a smart idea but I have to say in my offense I have done 80 Day a couple of times so I do know whats coming most the time..lol.

A few of the moves today were with heavier weights, squats, and so on. Really feeling the burn in my legs today. But that is what I like I like to know this workout works for me.

I been reading up on so many people doing the IF(intermittent fasting) it’s a big deal in the workout & health world right now. So I like to fast from around 7PM till around 10 or so depending on if I get hungry after a workout. I usually have 4 boiled eggs waiting in the fridge just in case I get hungry and I need something right now. I’ll sometimes eat one sometimes eat two with my fat burning drink. That fills me up until around 12:30 for lunch. If you fast and workout first thing in the mornings that’s burning the fat sitting in the fat cells. You get use to it it takes training on your body. Your body will usually tell you feed me now or you’re alright. Remember your mind is strong. I have found out the best thing for me is not to buy something you think you’ll just have a little of and that’s it no. I’m a food addict when it comes to gooey jelly junk. Best thing don’t buy it so you don’t eat it and no regrets right? So yesterday I decided I could handle making Macadamia nut clusters WRONG..NO I ate almost all but 3 thank goodness my husband ate the last 3 he knows I have food addiction problem. It’s not fun but as soon as you can admit to yourself you can’t have that you know what you’ll do the right thing.

Back to working out I took some shots of me doing the LEGS today we had 3 sets/10 reps for 52 minutes. You want to feel your legs burn and your booty on fire do this workout..lol..

Hope everyone has A Happy Valentine’s Day! Be sure to go to this link to find all the sweet specials going on @lakanto. Going sugar free never taste so good. Some of the specials are 20-50% off storewide, all chocolates 30% off. SHOW YOURSELF SOME LOVE..

Triple A Kicked My Ass Again

Loving to workout like I do and wanted to stay in shape. There are so many workouts I can do but I like to target certain parts of the body. So I’ve been playing around with cardio, & weights. Decided to do another round of 80 Day Obsession I love how Autumn targets all the parts I need to get in shape before going somewhere where I need to look good. 🙂

Doing a challenge this month with #wholebodychallenge. I’m not really needing to lose much weight but as we get older things get tougher to build muscle and strength. Loving the KetoDay& KetoNight that are so tasty and so many good things happening. I also love the KG4 tasty and I drink it when doing my workout on a fast. Seems to be working out pretty good. So many great testimonies are what these products have done to help people feel better about themselves. Weight release, sleep better, feeling better & so much more. My husband has not worked out for over 30 years not saying hes not active he just never had the desire to workout. Well he started doing the gel first he said getting better sleep, feeling more energy, & better mood was a plus all around. Then he started to take the KetoDay & KetoNight said that help even more. He does sit ups up to 60 now, pushups, and runs on the treadmill everyday. He inspires me because he gets going first thing in the morning to do his workout and I go in the living room and I do my workout.

I did Triple A today and it works the arms, abs, &@$$. Everything a lady likes to work. Pushups, weights, sliders, & resistance bands I feel it all over and I know each week gets harder and longer. But I say BRING IT! 🙂 With the help of the gel helps with my muscle growth & stay toned.

Can CBD Get You High?

CBD is everywhere these days- in products from supplements to sparkling water to shampoo. What’s the best way to benefit?

“Hemp-derived CBD has a very large therapeutic potential to help in a multiplicity of ways,” says Joseph Maroon, MD, a neurological surgeon at the University of Pittsburgh, a pioneer in nutritional healing, and coauthor of a recent scientific review of CBD published in Surgical Neurology International. “It is a significant anti-inflammatory: it’s an analgesic-a pain reliever: and it’s an antianxiety agent.”And it does these things safely. In using CBD with hundreds of patients, Maroon has found no side effects other than some gastrointestinal upset in one or two cases. He recommends it for neck pain, back-pain, degenerative disk disease, osteoarthritis, trauma, sleep problems, anxiety, and peripheral neuropathy, such as burning , painful feet that are a common complication of diabetes.

For any type of pain, CBD is a safer alternative to over-the-counter remedies such as acetaminophen or ibuprofen.

“Ibuprofen kills 16,000 to 17,000 people a year from gastric hemorrhage, and it hospitalizes over another 100,000 for gastrointestinal bleeds,” says Maroon. And acetaminophen, when used long term, is a common cause of liver failure and the need for liver transplant.

However, says Maroon, “CBD is not a cure-all” Rather, it works best when used much like aspirin or the other over the-counter pharmaceutical remedies, as a safer, plant-derived alternative.

How CBD Works

CBD, short for cannabidiol, brings about benefits by influencing the endocannabinoid system-a signaling system that helps to regulate inflammations, the brain and central nervous system, and the immune system. Although its effects aren’t fully understood, CBD has a balancing effect.

“It’s an adaptogen,”says Earl Mindell, a pharmacist, pioneer in nutritional healing, and author of Healing With Hemp CBD Oil. “It adapts to your needs” As an example, someone taking CBD for pain might also experience reduction in anxiety or improvement in sleep, even though these weren’t the symptoms that prompted the use of CBD.

Can CBD Get You High?

The short answer is “NO.” CBD can be extracted from hemp or marijuana. Unlike hemp-derived products, CBD rom marijuana may be combined with THC, the component in the marijuana plant that does produce a high.

The hemp plant contains traces of THC, but by law hemp many not contain more than 0.3 percent THC effect. -too little to produce a psychoactive effect.

CBD formulated as an FDA-approved drug, Epidiolex, is used to treat certain forms of childhood epilepsy, and there is anecdotal evidence that over-the-counter CBD products can also reduce epileptic seizures. Other study highlights:

Pain one study tested hemp CBD extract among people who had been taking opioids for chronic pain for at least a year.

Sleep and anxiety: At a mental health clinic in Fort Collins, Colo., the effets of CBD were tracked in 72 patients suffering from anxiety or poor sleep. Nearly all patients took 25 mg of CBD daily in capsules (a handful took larger doses) as an adjunct to their usual drug treatment. After a month, there was mild improvement in anxiety.

Among those who continued to take CBD for another month-56%- sleep varied but improvements in anxiety were sustained. Results of the research were published in The Permanente Journal.

Parkinson’s disease: A review of studies that used CBD doses ranging from 75 to 400 mg daily, taken in addition to medications, found that patients experienced improved mental and emotional health and less disruptive involuntary movement while sleeping.

He Inspires Me

My husband and I have been using new products. You know how you try something and you say I’ll cancel after this? Well when you start to feel and look better why would you cancel something so good? I love the company I’m with they started out with bodybuilders. They saw how great the gel helped them out. They decided to help other people out. I started doing the gel first and finding out how rested I was how much better sleep I got. I decided to let my husband try it. He loves how our rem sleep is better than ever.

I’ve been with my husband over 30 years hes never cared about working out until like a month ago. We are doing the gel & now the KetoDay & Ketonight which by the way you don’t have to be Keto to be on the KetoDay & Ketonight. Just go lower carb, cut sugars down. So many amazing testimonies on this. My husband is not Keto all though he has been working harder on cutting his sugars down.

The amazing thing is since he’s feeling better he has decided to start working out. WHAT!? Oh my gosh he inspires me every morning he jumps up out of the chair and goes and runs on treadmill, does sit ups, & pushups. The reason I say he inspires me is because there are mornings I just want to sit in my chair drink my coffee and think about it. But since he has been going early in the morning I jump up when he does so I’m sure to get my workout in. He has been consistent every morning on vacation we still did sit ups & push ups everyday. He says its from our products and that inspires me too. Because I’m all about health, energy and feeling the best you can without meds. RIGHT?

Talking to a practice about our products the other day and they agreed 100% with me this is cheaper than being sick and going to the doctor all the time. Who don’t want to feel better? Now is your chance to get a bottle while they are doing a promotion near me. You can try it before signing up. You just need to message me and I’ll get you the bottle. WIN! WIN! Right now we’re doing Whole Body Challenge great time to try out our products.

Anyone thats is interested let’s set up a meeting. I’d love to come talk to you or my husband would love talk to you as well. Feeling stronger without the aches is a plus to me. Having more energy is another big plus. You don’t like our products there is a 60 Day money back guarantee.. 😊

Getting Stronger