My husband and I have been doing more and more things together. It’s been the best time of my life. After all he’s my best friend. We been trying new things and he never was one to think man I need to eat right I need to start exercising. He is by the way 6ft tall and like 157 lbs. at age 62. He is where a lot of guys that workout or diet would love to be but its just in his family genes.

As most of you know I’m into health, nutrition, the best diets out there. Since my husband has retired I’ve started sharing more videos with him, and started taking him to more meetings with me. Showed him how I shop when I go to the store reading all labels not always fun, gets overwhelming at times but guys there is so many products out there that have hidden sugars in them. I know other people say this well I will too. READ THE LABELS. Kip started realizing man I didn’t know how much sugar I was putting into my body. I have done many classes getting Certificates for studying nutrition what is the best diet? I have done probably almost all of them. True story I started out being a Vegan thinking this is what I want talk about one of the hardest times. I live in a town of a little over a thousand one grocery store by all means I’m not blaming them but they don’t have everything for loved some of the recipes my husband loved some of the recipes problem was hour later he was starving. We can’t have that you go backwards then. You just eat everything insight and you don’t end up with the body you desire. Even if someone looks amazing how healthy are they? Next I became a vegetarian which was not bad I could still go back to that. I like food I’m 4’11 and as you age where does the fat go? You guessed it in the middle, in the back? Everywhere a lady does not want it to right?? It took me a year maybe more to admit I finally am happy going keto/carnivore don’t hate. I didn’t think I’d ever be that person that ate like that. For 10 years I believed eat carbs, stay away from fat and all of that. I started trying it out for awhile it was hard. Everything takes time you can’t expect to be 10-20 lbs down overnight. I once got told patience is a virtue.

As we age my husband and I think more and more we want to go places and feel good doing it. There’s where the Ferrari comes in. You wouldn’t want to put bad gas in your Ferrari right? You wouldn’t want to drive it down a street with all holes in it right? Well what do you put in your body?? Do you treat it like a Ferrari? Just because I’m Keto don’t mean I eat bad I eat meat, and I eat broccoli, cauliflower, etc.. Just because you’re suppose to eat fats don’t mean bad fats. I feel stronger and better then I have for along time. I love not being hungry. Yes I have days I can’t get enough that’s where the macadamia nuts come in. But I only eat a handful that is enough. So many wrong ways to do Keto. But so many right ways too!

My husband and I have started a new journey doing new things when he feels good I feel good. My husband has saw me try a lot of different things try it and quit. But this time hes getting better sleep, feeling stronger, getting more muscle. He is my partner in our new lifestyle. Going out of town together to a Convention we learned together helping each other out if the other had questions. What a great feeling being together in this.

Today most of you know I’m a workout addict not as bad as I use to be. But my husband says I want to workout with you. WHAT? He never says that I was so excited I couldn’t get my tennis shoes on fast enough. Unfortunately I didn’t know what workout to do with him since I’ve done it for so long you don’t just throw that at someone. He ended up walking away he’s not into the dance…So I was a little bummed thought gosh wish he would of tried a little longer. Wait for it I thought I heard something I ran into the laundry room there he was on the treadmill. I quickly snapped a picture don’t judge as a health coach when I see someone trying I jump up and down..He was in his work clothes that don’t matter thing is guys he is trying. He says I did push ups to and situps. WHAT? What happy day. Hopefully he’ll keep it up just get moving you don’t have to go to the gym you can do it right at home. Or go for a walk. It’s up to YOU!

As far as I go I did Dirty 30 & Abs today. One day you might see the both of us on a workout video..:)

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