There are some days I feel like do I really need to workout? The answer is YES! Because as we age I’m not saying you always have to do a hard workout. You can even just walk a couple miles just as long as you keep on moving. You got to keep moving those joints so they don’t get still & sore.

Do you take products when you workout? I do I have been doing this amazing gel that helps with muscles stay strong, it also helps with increased joint mobility, fat loss, helps me have increased strength, bone density & so much more.

This is probably my first Monday I had to push myself to go do a workout. But we all have our good days & our bad days. I still did a 30 minute workout & abs. I felt happy about the workout, I feel confident even when things arent perfect in your life you got to take the time for you.

Today makes the 2nd week for my new workout I’m doing and the 2nd week for the book group I’m in. I’m feeling blessed to be doing both of these.

Today’s workout was lower body working the legs & booty. I felt it but I now know when not to lift to heavy. So it went good still a little sore from last week.

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