The longer you can go without eating when you are fasting the better you will burn the fat.

I’m in several different health groups, several different fasting groups. Because learning about health and what to do for my body to feel better is so important to me as I age. As I age I see other people around my age younger, older suffering from having sugar addictions. How I want to reach out to each of them and help them but yet fear they don’t want help? But do they enjoy not feeling well?

Anyhow I’ve been doing IF (Intermittent Fasting) as often as I can the longer you go the easier it becomes. Amazing how I wake up not hungry, don’t get hungry until around lunch time is usually my first meal. Not everyday is it that easy there are days where I’m like I got to eat something right now. That happens that is life.

So I’m in a fasting group where time to time they give you a challenge: Today’s Challenge: Do some physical activity this morning or tomorrow morning before you break-fast.

Wait an hour post workout before consuming a meal. (or longer if you are up to it). It can take a few workouts to adjust but give it a try!

Combing fasting with endurance exercise can produce superior changes in body weight, body composition and lipid indicators of hear disease risk, compared to either exercise or fasting alone.

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