What’s The Best Diet?

There are so many different diets out there its no wonder people are confused. But if you do your research what works for you might be vegan, vegetarian, mediterranean, atkins, paleo, or keto.

I think I’ve done them all.. lol Just because I hear oh she had really good luck with this one or oh he had really good luck with this one.

I’m at the age where I don’t want to be hungry, I don’t want to be miserable, I don’t want to weigh my food. I had a really hard time with Keto when I first started. I come from the last 10 years of eating a lot of fruits, salads and stuff like that. Not saying I still don’t eat those just different. Keto is right now one of the most popular ways of eating. Which I’ll admit I was so curious how these people were eating cream cheese, & heavy cream? But yet they were losing weight. But it does work. I’m not all for eating a lot of cream cheese but a little for cauliflower mash, or for some deserts it works. I always do a lot of research on how many calories? how many carbs? whats the ingredients in this? One of the many things I love about keto is you don’t eat sugar which is really easy when you have sugar substitute.

Such as Lakanto, My husband even gets fooled because it taste so sweet. Lakanto’s mission is to bring chi to all life by creating innovative, delicious, sugar-free products. We inspire people to reach their highest potential in health and wellness by helping them discover their chi.

Lakanto is always coming out with new products. Go here to find the new products. As always when you go to website be sure and put in healthylifestylede for discount. 🙂

Another reason I’m sticking with keto gives me better energy and less inflamation. Plus I really enjoy most of the food. At age 56 it works for me..:) I really enjoyed vegetarian but I always felt empty and its harder to walk in somewhere and order the right things. Keto is pretty easy and if you are thinking about doing this my advice to you is take it slow and ease into it. Don’t get discouraged I did at first I’ve been working on this for a year now. I have finally got where I have no sugar cravings, not as hungry between meals. I have been liking this life style. Do what is best for you I always say. One thing is I burn fat now and not glucose which I love.

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