When I got up today I said I was not going to run just workout. Well I ended up running better than I have for awhile..:) I decided to take the gel before working out. I truly believe that gives you strength through the day. I also like walking/running on the Nordictrack to get my body warmed up for workouts. When nothing hurts and you can keep going why not go longer right?

I was pretty warm but decide I wanted to have my Extreme Shake first. It has some good protein in it. I knew my workout would be a little harder since I’m on month 2 already.. Today the workout was Total Body Badass and yes you feel like one too. I love doing jumps, kicks whatever I can to make the workout more exciting. Do you ever try to take an action shot? Sometimes its hard to get it just right where you are doing a jump or

Total Body Badass & 2.11 mile run/walk

I’ve also enjoyed being in the fasting group some of them fast for days which I’ve read from Dr. Fung is alright depending on how much weight you want to lose or what you are doing. I usually do a 16-18 hour not much more that that. One day I’d like to go a little longer for like a week do maybe a 48 hour, then 72 hour. Easier to talk about than doing His book is so interesting to me I’m into all the different ways of foods, calories, carbs do to the body kind of stuff. Why? I don’t know it is just so interesting to me. Dr. Fungs book is The Obesity Code. I love trying different things see what it does to the body, energy, health & so on. Eating meat & minimal vegetables has probably been about my favorite one so far after figuring things out. I still like my salads, a few veggies, & I did like deserts. Even though I was eating desserts that hardly had any carbs, no sugar I felt that this is not working right. So I will stop eating any kind of desert for 2 weeks to see if any difference happens. Trying things is my thing I like testing things myself before I suggest anything to anyone else. Cutting out sugar, pastas, breads is the first thing to do. Eating less don’t work because you end up eating more in the end. So if you can fuel your body at the right times you won’t always be hungry. It’s a mind game. You train your body & mind it is strong. I don’t like to say I’m on any diet because that can be a huge disaster thinking I’m on a diet oh my it’s not a diet it’s a lifestyle that I want to be in. If you like what you’re eating then don’t change if you feel good and you have no problems. But I have noticed as I age I need more, I’ve done the Vegan thing,& I’ve done the Vegetarian thing. It didn’t fulfill me or my husband. I like having little inflammation, I like having a lot of energy. But thats me…Do what feels best to you!

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