Stress Relievers We All Need Them

What do you do to help with your stress? Well they’re several different things a person can do. I like to workout lately I’ve been walk/running to warm up before a workout. I’ve really enjoyed that. WHAT? Who enjoys running and working out? I do I know some don’t or most don’t but I do it’s my addiction. I don’t think its a bad one but sometimes I annoy my husband with it because my question always is how long do I have? I can get a quick run or workout in. It relieves so much stress for me. P.S do you write yourself notes?

Another thing that helps with stress is when I get don’t with running & working out I sometimes have a delicious shake. Not just any shake this shake is ExtremeShake A probiotic protein shake something I need when I don’t want to overeat but put something into my body that I know is good for me. This shake is one that I like because it don’t store fat it burns it..WIN! Extreme Shake is a delicious natural flavored advanced keto-friendly probiotic, protein shake with added benefit of patented Sensoril Ashwagandha.

Its vanilla flavor I put a 1/4 of frozen banana in it sometimes just to help with anything I need for the body. 🙂

Some of the features on this delicious shake are reduces sugar cravings, advanced probiotics & prebiotics for digestive support, supports stress-reduction & restful sleep. I’ve been enjoying it its gluten free, soy free, gmo free.. It’s very filling…

Delicious Vanilla shake

Do you like to cook? I love to cook knowing what’s going into our bodies is so important to me..:) As we age I know I need good foods, to stay strong and keep the energy level up. Yes of course we have those days you go out to eat but I struggle with it because I always wonder what is in their ingredients that people love? So usually I order something very simple meat & veggies so I feel satisfied. When I make recipes brings joy to me. If I can help anyone out by being a nutritional leader I will. I continue to study & listen to many doctors that have studied different diets of people and what’s good and what is bad. Right now I’m listening to the book from Dr. Jason Fung, MD THE OBESITY CODE. Check it out if you have a chance really interesting.

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