Winning the Mental Battle

When you prepare for a run or just to even get in better shape do you run for as long as you can to start? Or do you run a little each day?

Well I’m just seeing how far and how long I can run without over tiring myself to go workout for 30 minutes after. I love staying in shape. When I run instead of anything hurting first thing comes to mind is that’s all the farther you got? lol I feel stronger everyday probably because I take the best products I can. As we age things don’t work as great as they use to. But who’s to say I don’t want to still feel as great as I can. I been taking this gel that seems to make me feel stronger all the time. Not only stronger but one of the things I really noticed how deep my sleep is how great that is. Thats a big plus right there. I also noticed how much faster I recover from running & working out! Has helped with muscle growth and staying strong.

Running for the last couple of weeks starting a slower pace, and going a little further each time. Started out at 2.1 and gradually have got back up to 3. 1 miles. Which I want to keep going longer distance but we’ll see. Working out is just more my style. I’ve been enjoying running then work out to Jericho in morning meltdown 100. Her cardio is pretty intense..:)

Workout today after running 3.1 miles was Downbeat strength it wasn’t that bad. Working all the parts of the body. I went with 8’s & 10’s today. Doing squats I don’t like real heavy.

After running & workout decided to put some good fats in my body to recover. So it was bacon & waffles..YUM! So easy to make too. 2 eggs, 2-4 tbsp almond flour, 2 oz cream cheese, 1 tbsp. of coconut oil, 1/2 tsp of baking powder.

So I’m not the normal 56 year old when I get up I prepare what I’m going to do right away put on workout clothes and have a plan. Almost always will workout and now I’ve started to run, walk on treadmill again. Not sure how long I will run I go through spells of loving it but not liking it. But it’s all good as long as you get up and move you’re doing good right?

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