Set BIG goals

You know when you go on vacation and you keep active the whole time? But really you’re not working the same muscles as you do on your workouts. I thought I had it made walking up 8 miles a day and feeling great. Well yesterday I did leg workout I felt a little sore. But today was AAA It was around 62 minutes long didn’t think it would ever get I lasted through it all barely. AAA targets your “arms, abs, and a#* with weights, resistance loops, and strength sliders. Wow this was one of my hardest workouts so far..No joke. I love working out it makes me feel strong and confident. I was actually excited to be home to be able to workout again. I’m on day 50 out of 80 days. I’m going to keep on as long as my body will let me. Mind over body remember that you tell yourself you can convince yourself and you can do it. I love my eshots have not ever found anything better. You want energy get those. I set goals I don’t want to be one of those that can’t hardly walk and miserable. I’ve seen so many people lately around my age or younger just not happy with their life. I try to make everyday my best day. Make goals write them down and stick with them.:)

Today I can’t believe all the parts we worked abs 15 of them 2 sets felt it..

Side abs

Then a workout I like working the arms you know you get that age where you got to keep everything something I need to work on everyday.


Also using sliders working the abs. That kind if was hurting my wrist that I had broke a couple years ago but I made it through.

Figure 8 on sliders

After my work I’m sometimes a little hungry well thank goodness I made some healthy snacks with my favorite products I love Monk fruit have the sweets without the carbs & calories. In my chocolates I like using Powdered Monkfruit Sweetener & it is perfect for frostings, fillings, dusting & baking.  Monk Fruit is *ZERO CALORIES *ZERO GLYCEMIC*ZERO AFTERTASTE.

Unlike most fruits, whose sweetness derives from fructose, Monk Fruit’s sweetness comes from mogrosides, which the body registers as an herb instead of a sugar. Modern research shows that Monk Fruit extract alone is naturally 300 times sweeter than sugar. Monk Fruit extract does not elevate blood sugar levels or insulin, making it the perfect sweetener for managing blood sugar and weight. If you are interested and want 20% off click here

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