Live your life and forget your age.

Everyday is a new day I know I’m getting older but I feel amazing. Living a better life than I ever dreamed. Working out makes me feel strong, younger, & happier. Today I did a booty workout it was another 60 minute workout, and lately I’ve been running on the Nordictrack I love putting in the earplugs and running to music it’s like I’m in my own world and stress is on the back burner for 30 minutes or more. The booty workout today I’ve learned so much about with Autumn she is so good about telling you to hold in your gut, or look down do you see your toe? That all helps plus learning balance and strength these last 62 days has been great.


This is my 2nd round in 80 Day Obsession and I feel like I’m so much stronger, & better than my first round.


Holding weights and pushing back on the slider at the same time takes balance, but it makes you feel stronger every time. Pushing the right heel down targeting your glutes.

After my booty workout I enjoyed coconut milk shake with Pina Colada  

It hit the spot on this hot day. Take it one day at a time but keep moving.


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