It such an addiction  when you know you have a schedule and you know you need to get this workout in. No matter how tired I am I feel I’m off balance if I don’t get one in I didn’t think I’d get one in yesterday being in the field having places to go but I did it. I love doing these workouts and laughing out loud at myself and ones on Autumns team.

Today was Day 24 Round  2 SETS • 15 REPS where you work your arms, abs, and @$$ are focus of Autumn’s “Triple A” workout, which use weights, resistance loops, and strength slides to build muscle and burn fat that covers it.

This Round 2 I seem to be more serious about staying in the right position and keeping your tummy pulled in at all times helps pull things the right direction.

Finally getting the Uprights more level not trying to pull up to far. I used 10’s since we had 15 reps and 2 sets.


Bent over flys I’m still using 6 & 8’s getting the right position is a plus.

Frogs were with the sliders doing 2 sets of those stay in plank hold your abs in tight stay level not sicking the rear up. I was so focused on doing my workouts I forgot to take pictures of some of might workouts. But next was Loop bridge I double loop with Green & blue

Push-Ups actually went pretty good today doing 15 and 2 sets of them. Oh those push-ups though I remember now in this 80 Day she has a lot of pushups


Skull crushers were next I used 10’s on these which I think I could have used 15’s but I stuck with 10’s feeling it in the arms.



Weighted abs I used 8’s  on both sets holding it at the chest going clear down using the abs more so you don’t use your hip flexors.

Heal press is next using double loops feeling it in your legs and behind you’re doing this correct.


Bent over Rows I used 15’s for both sets and trying to use between the shoulders more.


Hammer curls by now my arms are starting to get tired so I used 10’s feeling it in the arms squeezing each rep.


Knee Tucks using the sliders pulling in and squeezing the abs at the same time. 15 reps 2 sets of them.


Fire Hydrants using double loops working the sides of your behind going up as high as you can your butt ought to be on fire after this workout.


One thing I say this a lot but I always look forward to having some of the best nutrition to put back into my body. My shakes do that plus I used my greens today too. Mix it up have pina colada one day cookies & cream the next yum so good. Plus they are a meal replacement keeping you full to your next meal.


Health is the foundation for a magnificent life. Health exist physically, emotionally, mentally, financially, and spiritually.


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