Yesterday was Day 19 Leg Day which I enjoy not only working the Legs but working your behind too. Your working the biggest muscles lifting heavier weights as well.

So on the leg workout you do 3 sets 10 reps of every workout the workout last around 51 minutes or a little more. Just thinking about working out you have to get your mind set and know that wants its over you’ll feel better. I love the feeling working out does for me as you get older you want everything tighter not looser.


So yes anyone can workout but it’s what you do after that. Working out makes you hungry do you have a food plan?  Are you prepping? Think about all the hard work you put in before you walk in that kitchen. It’s hard even for me I still say the easiest way to stay away from junk food is don’t buy don’t have that temptation in your cupboards.

Its summer time everyone wants to look better to wear that pair of shorts, skirt, or dress.

I tried to come up with a eating plan having my smart coffee first thing in the morning then going and doing my workout which today will be Cardio Flow its not quite as long as some of my other workouts. So I decide I’ll run on treadmill for a change up in my routing do like a 5k then go workout. I”m not much into running wish I was but I go through different splurts where working out and running go good together to keep me fit.  Change it up they always say so ya that’s what I’m doing I just plan on running longer every time. So today for Cardio Flow some others as well as me call this the animal workout. In my first picture is spider,next Flamingo, Duck Walk, gorillas, bear crawl, diamond jumps, crab, & ,mule to Frog. Still a great workout you keep repeating till you get through every workout 4 reps around 30 minutes. Change the way you look at things get your mindset. You go this! And of course last but not least I had my delicious protein shake fueling the body with the best nutritions.


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