Lung Busting Workout

Today was Cardio Core that made me sweat which is always a good thing burning the fat.

Going from low to high intensity cardio exercises. Then you get challenging core moves to enhance endurance, burning fat and sculpting the abs. Want to stop your almost out of air but push through for the best results.

So far I’m loving round 2 better than 1st time I did 80 day obsession because I’m more familiar with the moves and it just don’t seem as hard. I don’t get near as sore. Oh don’t get me wrong it is still very challenging. I always like a challenge. These workouts definitely give you a challenge.

Your body is probably saying stop but you have to have a strong mind to say keep on going.:)

I love how much the sliders are involved in the moves. Today cardio & abs got worked good.


Running in place 



Skip Rope

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