This last weekend we played at the Lake Saturday & Sunday. Doing tricks on our jet ski works the arms the whole body. So at first today I’m like I workout all weekend working that jet ski but yet I’m on a schedule and this is my therapy working out. Sounds silly but it is true. Today was day 8 of 80 DAYS it was also Total Body Core and it works all the parts of the body challenging your core and maximize strength gains and calorie burn.

Using weights & resistance bands feeling it in my booty & arms. But it seems like this workout goes fast and after working the jet ski to do tricks my arms are like noodles


Some of my moves today were the Squat Rotating lift I used 10’s & 8’s
Lateral Hand Crawls w/yellow band
Bent Over Row I used 10’s in the beginning then changed to 8’s
         Staggardt leg bicep Curl 10’s

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