Everybody knows as we get older most of us lose our butt. So I work mine every chance I get lifting it and today from 80 Day Obsession was Booty workout oh yeah you feel it everywhere. Today will be a day I sit back a little bit workout Targets your glutes, with isolation exercises designed to help shape a firm, round butt. That is what I like about it. I decided I would do 80 Day Obsession & 21 Day Fix Extreme see what happens. I can always tell when I’m feeling better I’m ready to workout..:)  I enjoy and I feel like it helps me go into a whole different place. Summer is here and it seems like we all want to look better in the summer so we can wear shorts and cute tops. At least I do. I truly do recommend this workout Autumn knows & talks about every part of our body that we want to firm up. She gets us..:) A few moves I did today that I took pictures of was with the bands squats, leg push backs, & toe taps.Oh believe me there were many other moves just didn’t get pictures. Having the strap on really makes you work the side of the booty and back.





Toe Taps

As always after words you need to fuel your body and put in the right nutrition to get the right results. Always trying to fuel with the best nutrition. Believe me I’ve done my research I will as well eat other things to like my Keto pancakes they are so good and I love how they are sugar free and low carb. So well have a busy day as always. Remember to keep smiling maybe you’ll get someone else to smile and make their day too!

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