A Little Obsessed & Cheesecake

So I find myself going back to 80 Day and thinking I will do it again. Lately I just do the 80 Day a little Obsessed which is only 30 minutes. So today I did Total Body all I can say is you feel it everytime..lol I love the burn if you don’t feel anything you probably won’t keep going back to it right? Anyhow today the workout was using light, medium, & heavy weights plus the resistance bands. Working the entire body burning fat & building muscle I love these workouts. Talking to others about these workouts I’m convinced I want to do it again. Besides Autumn always knows what parts we need to get worked..lol

Below is me doing Reverse lunge with a twist. I always feel that afterwards.


Next was slow loop climbers working that core again I don’t have any pictures on the floor this time. Then one hand renegade working the sides again. Pullover with a V lift using my 10’s and bands around my legs doubling up. Then one of my favorites modified V ups with the bands on working that core. Then I did a squat hammer curl rotation picture below:


Then bicycle with the bands working the abs. Last tricep kickbacks used my 8s working the back of the arms & the butt that felt awesome. Repeat every workout again.

Then the best part of my day I get a delicious Strawberry Shake to refuel my body form my workout. Can’t go wrong a complete meal replacement for maximum lean muscle building and boosting metabolism.

  • 36 grams undenatured whey and milk protein
  • A superior branched-chain amino acid profile to boost muscle growth and maintenance
  • Low-glycemic with energy

I love having snacks occasionally but healthy ones right? I got an email with this delicious recipe Mini Keto Cheesecake so good..I’ve been wanting to try this ever since Amy Smith had sent it to me. This is what I have to say though if you don’t have control you might not want to make this its so good.. I have to say I took this picture from another because I was so excited after I made mine I ate most of it..lol but honestly my totally looked just like that one. I put blueberries on top so good. Probably won’t be making it for awhile but it was a nice treat. Here’s her recipe: I have to say this was so good I will make it again for a party or something just not when I’m hungry..:)

6e6f19db126f46fe8f32406e0d60017f (1).png


P.S I used my lakanto golden sugar

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