Train Hard & Eat With A Plan

Getting things back to normal finally..Getting sick runs your whole body down that makes it harder to workout. I’ve been doing this for awhile now so I know when to take it easier, stop, or take the day off. For two weeks been trying to feel normal and I think I’m getting there unfortunately the ones around me are now coming down with what I had:(

 I do feel so much better and getting back into my routines makes me happy. Today I did Pilates Fix Extreme with resistance bands boy do you feel your whole body getting a workout. This intense mat workout works the entire body, placing emphasis on the core. Which I love. How many times do you say I don’t need to finish this workout? I do and then I just keep This is one of the harder ones I would love to skip but then I feel like just do it! And I feel so much better after I do. Working the legs, butt, & arms you feel the burn.. The great part is my reward afterwards.

For along time I’ve been trying to decide which way to go with eating, and I always end back up taking my delicious shakes. The best thing I can tell people if you are wanting to lose weight log it. I started logging my foods and it has help so much I’ve been losing weight just by basically doing what I’ve always done just not having as many in between snacks.:) How many times are you eating a day? I been having a coffee in the mornings when I get up and my shake mid morning. Its been working I need the best nutrition to fuel my body to stay strong for my family & myself. I have read so many amazing stories of people that lose weight with our shakes & cleanse feel better, more energy, & better sleep. Who don’t want that? Right now we are having free shipping for new members this is the time to sign up if you are wanting to try this out click here. Money back guarantee if it don’t work for you. I love all the new seasonal flavors they come out with I just got in the Pina Colada YUM! But today I decided to have strawberry so good. They workout great if you are in a hurry and need to just shake it with ice & go..I always almost always blend mine I like to feel like I’m having a frosty..Taste just like one only a whole lot better for you.


I love seeing everyone’s transformations you want to just check our group out you can do that and not sign up until you’re ready. Message me to get in this amazing group. I can read people’s post for hours that might just be the health Coach in me. But it such a great learning experience.

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