As I learn more about life I realize how important breakfast is. I love my protein shakes  but sometimes I love to have other things for breakfast. Its going to be a long day for me today. I need to think and get stuff done I have a full plate today so I wanted a good breakfast so I had 1 bacon & Keto-pancakes, with Maple SYRUP so good.

Putting the right things into your body early in the morning helps keep you balanced all day. Skipping breakfast can leave you with blood sugar roller coaster. Getting breakfast in the morning hormonally can be very important practice. Try eating early see if that makes a difference. When Tristan from primaledgehealth first said to do this I was like no way..lol..But actually I have been trying it for awhile it has helped me so much. I’m not hungry till lunch time. It takes time if your not use to eating a hour after you get up I’m still a lot of times not that hungry but when I eat I’m full and don’t even think about food again until lunch time or later.

Some of the things you might not know about Lakantos LOW-CARB PANCAKE & WAFFLE MIX  is they are PLANT BASED*KETO*GLUTEN FREE*HIGH FIBER who wants all the sugar? SUGAR-FREE KETOGENIC BREAKFAST. Don’t overload with carbs when you can have these delicious pancakes smothered with sugar free maple syrup. Keep your glycemic low by having low carb breakfast.  The maple syrup from lakanto is sweetened with monk fruit*SUGAR FREE*LOW CALORIE*LOW GLYCEMIC*ZERO AFTERTASTE.

Then I do a workout today I did Total Body Core which it totally does. Having a busy schedule sometimes you’re looking for a 30 minute workout and that is what I was looking for today. Do you believe in yourself? Yes I do. Is it easy? NO-It’s not supposed to be. Its hard but yet fun at the sametime. To change your body you have to change YOUR MIND. I added a few of the moves I did today. Have A Happy Monday!

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