Train Hard & Eat With A Plan

Getting things back to normal finally..Getting sick runs your whole body down that makes it harder to workout. I’ve been doing this for awhile now so I know when to take it easier, stop, or take the day off. For two weeks been trying to feel normal and I think I’m getting there unfortunately the ones around me are now coming down with what I had:(

 I do feel so much better and getting back into my routines makes me happy. Today I did Pilates Fix Extreme with resistance bands boy do you feel your whole body getting a workout. This intense mat workout works the entire body, placing emphasis on the core. Which I love. How many times do you say I don’t need to finish this workout? I do and then I just keep This is one of the harder ones I would love to skip but then I feel like just do it! And I feel so much better after I do. Working the legs, butt, & arms you feel the burn.. The great part is my reward afterwards.

For along time I’ve been trying to decide which way to go with eating, and I always end back up taking my delicious shakes. The best thing I can tell people if you are wanting to lose weight log it. I started logging my foods and it has help so much I’ve been losing weight just by basically doing what I’ve always done just not having as many in between snacks.:) How many times are you eating a day? I been having a coffee in the mornings when I get up and my shake mid morning. Its been working I need the best nutrition to fuel my body to stay strong for my family & myself. I have read so many amazing stories of people that lose weight with our shakes & cleanse feel better, more energy, & better sleep. Who don’t want that? Right now we are having free shipping for new members this is the time to sign up if you are wanting to try this out click here. Money back guarantee if it don’t work for you. I love all the new seasonal flavors they come out with I just got in the Pina Colada YUM! But today I decided to have strawberry so good. They workout great if you are in a hurry and need to just shake it with ice & go..I always almost always blend mine I like to feel like I’m having a frosty..Taste just like one only a whole lot better for you.


I love seeing everyone’s transformations you want to just check our group out you can do that and not sign up until you’re ready. Message me to get in this amazing group. I can read people’s post for hours that might just be the health Coach in me. But it such a great learning experience.


So working out everyday has just been a habit that I don’t like to miss ever.  It’s one of my best habits..:) So I’ve been fighting this cough where I can’t hardly talk in the mornings but it gets better so I keep going. I believe you’re supposed to rest but I always feel like when you sit around you’re just wasting your day away. So I decided I wasn’t feeling 100% but decided I would do a 30 minute workout wow I forgot how Dirty 30

Autumn always has a great saying in the beginning of a workout today it was “DON’T STOP WHEN YOU’RE TIRED STOP WHEN YOU’RE DONE” may sound weird but when she says stuff like that I keep thinking keep going so I guess it works out for me pretty good most the time. It’s not easy but the payoff makes it all worth it.:)

I have a few pictures of  the workout:

• Cursive Lunge


•Squat Press


•Push-UP row







So that was some of the moves your repeat and I believe there was 4 rounds. It was great I will be doing it again. The great reward after the work that I can’t wait to have is my delicious Cookies & Cream shake perfect for after workout. I always love refueling my body with the best nutrition.

Cookies & Cream IsaLean Shake contains a delectable fusion of flavors from crunchy chocolate cookie bits atop rich, creamy vanilla goodness. This refreshing shake is the perfect partner to help me crush my transformation goals!

If fuel was measured by flavor, Cookies & Cream would score an all-time high. This 240-calorie meal replacement is loaded with 23 essential vitamins to help boost my days and contains:

  • A superior branched-chain amino acid profile.
  • 24 grams of high-quality undenatured whey protein.
  • Active enzymes to ease digestion.


As I learn more about life I realize how important breakfast is. I love my protein shakes  but sometimes I love to have other things for breakfast. Its going to be a long day for me today. I need to think and get stuff done I have a full plate today so I wanted a good breakfast so I had 1 bacon & Keto-pancakes, with Maple SYRUP so good.

Putting the right things into your body early in the morning helps keep you balanced all day. Skipping breakfast can leave you with blood sugar roller coaster. Getting breakfast in the morning hormonally can be very important practice. Try eating early see if that makes a difference. When Tristan from primaledgehealth first said to do this I was like no actually I have been trying it for awhile it has helped me so much. I’m not hungry till lunch time. It takes time if your not use to eating a hour after you get up I’m still a lot of times not that hungry but when I eat I’m full and don’t even think about food again until lunch time or later.

Some of the things you might not know about Lakantos LOW-CARB PANCAKE & WAFFLE MIX  is they are PLANT BASED*KETO*GLUTEN FREE*HIGH FIBER who wants all the sugar? SUGAR-FREE KETOGENIC BREAKFAST. Don’t overload with carbs when you can have these delicious pancakes smothered with sugar free maple syrup. Keep your glycemic low by having low carb breakfast.  The maple syrup from lakanto is sweetened with monk fruit*SUGAR FREE*LOW CALORIE*LOW GLYCEMIC*ZERO AFTERTASTE.

Then I do a workout today I did Total Body Core which it totally does. Having a busy schedule sometimes you’re looking for a 30 minute workout and that is what I was looking for today. Do you believe in yourself? Yes I do. Is it easy? NO-It’s not supposed to be. Its hard but yet fun at the sametime. To change your body you have to change YOUR MIND. I added a few of the moves I did today. Have A Happy Monday!

Eating Healthy Can Be Overwhelming

So I’m catching up life gets to busy sometimes. I’ve been doing different workouts and yesterday I decided to do an hour of AAA from 80 day obsession that is always a challenge but yesterday seemed to go really good. Using resistance bands, weights, & sliders I always think I’m not going to finish this but I usually always do then I pat myself on the shoulder and say good job!:)


I been going back and forth to 80 day Obsession and MAX OUT INSANITY which is a challenge that when you do this workout MAX OUT you use your own body for the equipment. That is a challenge and Shaun T sometimes don’t give you a very big break which is alright it last for 30 minutes and then its over. Here is a picture of tricep pushups: Always taking my e+ & Amped Nox before every workout.


In order to do the workouts I do I got keep my nutrition right. So I love cooking healthy recipes and eating right. Last night I made my husband and I a steak and Green Chile & Bacon Cauliflower MAC N CHEESE so good you can find the recipe here  I’ve made it before and it goes really good with steak. Trying to think of things to make that are healthy and fast are overwhelming sometimes. I love making homemade breakfasts today I made  Blueberry Scones which if you have blackberries that works too. This recipe I’ve made and its quick and easy you can find the recipe from The Ultimate Guide to Low Carb by going here check out Jessica’s recipes she has so many good recipes. I find myself going back to her recipes and making more things. Also if you’d like to learn or get coached about Keto her husband Tristan and Jessica are great to learn everything you need to know go to: to learn more. It can be overwhelming all the stuff on the internet if you don’t know who to listen to or if its going to work? I found them when I was researching on different foods and lifestyles and I kept watching Tristan’s youtube videos he made so much since I could relate to. It finally wasn’t so overwhelming and when you take a class with them they will help you through any problems you are having at least they did for me and many others. Here is a picture of my Green Chile & Bacon Cauliflower MAC N CHEESE I took the picture a little early before it really melted together but it is so good. IMG_4892