So some days are good and some days you might just struggle on your workouts right? I know lately I’ve struggled some days. But I don’t give up keep pushing you’ll get there. I did the whole 80 Day Obsession and I loved it I still go back and do a little obsessed like today I did Total Body Core its only 30 minutes but wow is it still gets me how it can be challenging.  What I  like about it you burn fat & build muscle everything we want as we get older right? Plus I like this one because it works your core as well.

So anyhow I’ve been doing some cooking lately and yesterday I made the meatza pie just like I’ve been talking about oh so good. Here is a picture of it I didn’t use all the meat had some left over and I’ll use that for other things. You get a chance go here and check it out.

I got something new in I’m excited to tell you all about it PACARI CACAO it actually is from Ecuador. When you try Pacari cacao you are experiencing the highlights of what makes Ecuador so special – clean, organically grown food from small family farms. 

Cacao offers many nutritional and life enhancing benefits
It is loaded with antioxidants (40 times the amount as blueberries), iron (the highest plant-based source of iron), magnesium, calcium, and selenium. Cacao can also provide a boost in energy and has been known to elevate mood and relieve depression. Cacao products are great sources of healthy fats and may mildly suppress appetite due to the function of MAO inhibitors.

What they offer:
  • 100% and 101% cacao bars – great for taking on the go, traveling and eating after any meal
  • Cacao Power – add to smoothies, cakes, cookies, homemade chocolate bars and even steak rubs
  • Cacao Butter – a source of healthy fats in ketogenic chocolates, cakes, piecrusts and homemade skin care lotions, balms and butters
  • Cacao Nibs – use to mimic chocolate chips and add a crunchy texture to low-carb smoothies, keto flatbreads and homemade ketogenic chocolates
  • Cacao Paste – Replace low-end bakers chocolate with high-quality cacao paste in any recipe. Or just eat it straight from the bag!


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